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N.O.R.E. to Remake Gang Starr’s “Dwyck” on New Solo Album

Yesterday (August 25) on XXL’s UStream show, Spotlight, N.O.R.E. came by the XXL offices and announced that he’ll be working with DJ Premier to remake Gang Starr’s classic track, “Dwyck.”
While sharing some nutcrackers with the XXL staff, one half of C-N-N revealed that for his upcoming solo project, currently titled Superthug, he’ll be collaborating with Premo for an update of “Dwyck,” which appeared on Gang Starr’s seminal 1994 release Hard to Earn. On the original, the late Guru was joined by Nice & Smooth to ride on Premier’s production. For the 2011 version, Nore said that he had yet to select the guests to appear on the record, but he wanted XXL’s input.
“I have not chosen [who to reach out to],” he said. “I would like y’all ideas; who should I put on?” He continued, “Let’s get the new era MCs, let’s give them a chance to pay respect, to pay homage.”
As for the sound of the record, Nore simply stated, “It’s gonna be that beat, redone.”
Be sure to check out our next episode of Spotlight next Wednesday and stay tuned to for more info on “Dwyck 2011.”


Why not?

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9 Responses to “N.O.R.E. to Remake Gang Starr’s “Dwyck” on New Solo Album”

  • Comment from shawamar


  • Comment from SirBiatch

    yeah. I’m not sure I care about a remake for “Dwyck”, especially if it’s going to be wack.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Same beat? Or is it like You Know My Steeze Remix with a few twicks? He should just put Nice & Smooth on the record. I was hoping for a new song/beat though.

  • Comment from iniQuity

    should be drake, meth, t.i , kanye and well, yeah, nore.

  • I can’t say I’m too thrilled by this, but whatever. We know Preem won’t do it wrong though, so…

    But yeah, who should he pick? We know it’s more then likely gonna be some commercial rappin cock-suckers. He needs a couple real emcees for real.

  • Comment from mtllou75

    drake & ti now thats funny. hopefully it does have nice & smooth or maybe some gang star foundation mc’s. this will b the third version if u count remix. i just hope that nore comes corect cuz dude has been wack 4 a while now. neva really was a big fan, honestly like capone more his flow(nore) annoys the shit outta me

  • Comment from dont u worry about it

    Nore’s gonna fuck it up for sure. he needs to leave classic material alone and go fuck up his own shit

  • Comment from claaa7

    i wasn’t exactly excited when i connected NORE and “DWYCK” in my mind, but if he’s gonna do it the ones he should do it with is definitely Method Man and Redman with Preem conducting a new beat from the same sample as “DWYCK” and putting a ill scratch hook to it. that would make for a crazy joint.

  • Comment from fortydogg

    nore gotta get mc’s like kool g rap, rass kass or canibus maybe jadakiss since hes monotone like guru or even too short . Da problem wit newer rappers is they dont really no these records. T.I. was in da south and wack ass drake was in canada and wasnt even into hip hop back then and then frontin @ the southern hip hop awards like he knew anythang bout da hip hop there cause in toronto where he from they all about the east coast and tryin to talk and act like new york niggaz. Look at lupe fiasco he fucked up on a tribe called quest dedication and then admitted he never even heard a tribe called quest record. These new wack rappers need to do they homework and pay respect cause they wouldnt exsit.

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