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New Group Home Album Will Feature An Unreleased Guru Track; More Details Known

(August 26th, 2010) Babygrande Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of Group Home’s “Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal” on September 28th.  Honing their skills for over 20 years, Group Home is back to pay homage to their longtime friend and collaborator, the legendary Guru.

Group Home has unquestionably proven that they are one of the most important groups to come out of hip-hop’s revered “golden age.”  Appearing on Gang Starr’s 1994 album “Hard To Earn,” Group Home released their critically acclaimed debut album “Livin’ Proof” in 1995.  Now, Lil Dap has returned with partner Melachi The Nutcracker, enlisting the help of legendary hip-hop icons Jeru The Damaja, Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian) & more as well as some unreleased heat from former partner in rhyme Guru himself, to bring experience, perspective and their unique flavor to the game with their new album “G.U.R.U.”

Set for release on September 28th by Babygrande Records, Group Home’s “Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal” is a tribute to the movement that birthed hip-hop’s most celebrated emcees and a must-have for any true fan of hip-hop. (Babygrande)

I also get informed that the first single will be dropping on monday August 30th, the single is called “Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal (G.U.R.U)” and is featuring Jeru the Damaja. I’ve seen the cover somewhere but I lost it, ah well… Lets see what they can bring us!

Custom Converse All-Stars x Gang Starr Now Available

This All-Star shoe is printed with the recently made Gang Starr wall in The Bronx. The custom Converse All-Star x Gang Starr is now available at The Ave Venice. Shout out to Guru’s nephew Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff for the heads up. A percentage of the shoe sales go to Guru’s sons Trust Fund.

The Ave Venice
64 Windward Ave
Venice, CA, 90291
Mon – Sun:
11:00 am – 8:00 pm

WEDNESDAY CLASSICS: Live On Hot 97 (08/31/1997)

DJ Premier – Live On Hot 97 (08/31/1997)

Eyo Premier, this was on my birthday. I was under 10 years old then, that was the shit, time flies… woohaa

Panjabi MC – Chaiyya Chaiyya Bollywood Joint

Bram, DJ Premier, Panjabi MC, Todd and Pablo.

This production is kinda other then what we are used to. So I saw a reason to share it with you guys. Punjabi MC and DJ Premier, who had ever thought? Punjabi MC, know from “Mundian To Bach Ke”, classic party track when you are drunk as fuck. Spike Lee had directed this movie called Inside Man, he wanted Panjabi MC on the soundtrack, so Panjabi MC flew from London to New York to record this track. Spike Lee probably though that DJ Premier was the right guy for the recording so Panjabi MC went to DJ Premier with the other musicians for the soundtrack of the movie. They made this track called “Chaiyya Chaiyya Bollywood Joint”, it’s a remix to the original “Chaiyya Chaiyya” (some famous Indian soundtrack) and the credits say produced and scratches by DJ Premier. I guess everybody had his influence on the track. You can find the track in the opening of the movie or on the soundtrack disc. Enjoy:

Panjabi MC – Chaiyya Chaiyya Bollywood Joint


Written by A.R. Rahman. Gulzar, Panjabi MC – Performed by Sukhwinder Singh, Sapna Awasthi featuring Panjabi MC, Orchestral Arrangement by Terence Blanchard – Produced and Scratched by DJ Premier. (Courtesy of Venue Records and Tapes Pvt. Ltd, India Talkies Pvt. Ltd & A.R. Rahman

Mmmmmmm, when I saw this guy I immediately went to my local meat dealer to get me some fresh Doner Kebab. Damn right!

Live From HeadQCourterz (08/20/2010)

DJ Premier – Live From HeadQCourterz (08/20/2010)

Gang Starr – Mass Appeal Live On Soul Train

Tales From D&D Studios: Part 4

..One of the best things about being in the industry or any creative forum,is being there when something great happens.I guess it would be the closest thing to seeing a child being born,minus the yelling and screaming.To say you were there when it happened,at the beginning of it,you can’t beat that.Being at D&D in the greatest era of Hip Hop,I have had the privilege of “being there” on many occasions. I cant really recall the exact time of year we started but it was around the time that they had their lil deal with Pay Day Records.It was then I was put into the whole Roc A Fella Records mix.The epitome of do it yourself,these cats were really bout their hustle.I mean they had every door shut in their faces.Not a lot of folks at the labels were messing with em,and if they were, they giving em low ball money.The streets loved em though and that’s all you really needed back then.Street love equaled big money interest..eventually.Now this was before Beans,Freeway,Kanye and all that.It was just Jay heading the bill with Memph in the wings awaiting his turn,soaking up everything.The dynamic was simple..Jay did the music…Dame and Biggs did the business.More than often as most would find to be true,Dame was the one who did most of the business dealings and handling the day to day,cause Jay needed to focus on the music.Jay would have his say of course,as did Biggs,but Dame was the one who had to carry out the missions most times.Cause that was his thing!

..Don’t get it twisted,they did have tough times in the beginning.It wasn’t always peaches and cream.I remember getting paid for sessions in singles and fives,maybe a ten or a twenty will show up,but yall get the idea.One time in particular will always stick out. Dame came to me when he was ready to pay with his Dame Dash shit on full tilt,as usual ..”Yo much we owe?””$2,500″..him..”Aight hold up”..Now Dame was good for wearing sweats all the time, unless he had to carry money, back then.Depending on the amount it was either cargoes or fatigues, cause all the loot was loose bills.Today it was cargoes.He’s reaching into every possible pocket pulling out money and putting on top the piano in the “A” room vocal booth.Now there’s a pile of money sitting in front of me, he points at me and says..”It’s all there..Peace””HOLD ON MONEY!”..him,real calm..”Wah?””You stay here while I count this madness,you always do this shit Dame”..him..”Aight Aight Calm Down..Lemme get Biggs and Jay we gotta sort some shit out with this kid””Sort away nigga”.

..Few seconds later Jay and Biggs walk in,with some kid,I can’t remember who, but he was lookin a lil disgruntled.Dame..”What’s the problem Nigga?!” myself)..(yikes!)..dude..”Yo I aint makin no money with all this shit yo,I’m sayin,this shit is crazy right now man ..I dunno..”..Dame..”Yo HOLD ON!”..(me again to self)..(YIKES!)..back to Dame..”NONE OF US ARE MAKIN MONEY RIGHT NOW NIGGA!”..Dame proceeds to lay into this kid with a series of “Shits” “Damns” and “MotherFuckers”,not in any specific order.The kid is now nervous as all out doors and the room is a lil tense..and I lost count of the friggin money..DAMMIT!Dame now thoroughly heated,begins to poll the room..”Jay you makin money yet?”..Jay..”Nope”..Dame..”Biggs you makin money yet?”..Biggs..”At all”..Dame back to dude..”nigga we tryin to make this money nigga but we gotta sacrifice!We the only ones payin up this bitch anyways…why you complainin?!..I don’t see you complainin when everybody up here having a ball and shit,so what’s the problem?!”..Dame then turns to me..”This nigga here is probably the only one makin money!” reply..”yea right!”.Few more words are spit in dude’s direction by Dame as Jay and Biggs look on and occasionally chuckle at Dame’s antics.Homie’s train is now derailed and my money count is done..$2,500 is present and placed in the”Dame we good”..him..”I told you nigga..fuck outta here..I ain’t that type””I gotta do it son,you know!Nigga You Know!”..him..”Yea yea nigga I got you..Fuck outta here though(ha ha!)””Asshole”..

Written by Dexter Thibou

WEDNESDAY CLASSICS: Crooklyn Cuts Vol. III (Tape D) (1997)

DJ Premier – Crooklyn Cuts Vol. III (Tape D) (1997)

Fat Beats Announces Closing Of New York And Los Angeles Retail Stores

After 16 Years, Fat Beats And Fans Bid Farewell To The Legendary Record Stores; Online Retail, The Label, And WholeSale Distribution Will Continue.

After 16 years, Fat Beats has announced the closing of the legendary label’s two remaining retail locations in New York and Los Angeles. Fat Beats will celebrate the legacies of the stores, which are scheduled to close in early September (New York: September 4th, Los Angeles: September 18th) by throwing a series of blow-out sales and tribute parties open to the public during their last weeks. Fans can check for updates.

Fat Beats’ longest running and most famed location is at 406 Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan. Since the 1994 opening of Fat Beats’ flagship retail location, hip-hop fans have traveled far and wide to visit the iconic store. With locations soon following in Los Angeles (7600 Melrose Ave.), Atlanta, Amsterdam, and Tokyo, the record stores were a place to experience hip-hop culture and its legacy, which became a global phenomenon. “The closing of Fat Beats is just like one of my friends passing away. They promoted vinyl at its highest degree for the culture of good music and that makes it more difficult to say goodbye,” says DJ Premier.

The announcement of the closings is a reflection of the woes that have been plaguing the industry for years. Global chain HMV closed their last US location in 2004. Tower Records shuttered in 2006. Last year saw the close of the last Virgin Megastore, and the story is no different in 2010. For Fat Beats, maintaining two stores well into 2010 is a testament to the stores’ importance to the music and to fans and consumers continuing to support independent hip-hop.

While news of the stores’ closing marks the end of an era, the future is not doom and gloom. Digital sales continue to increase industry-wide; for Fat Beats, currently operating a profitable and growing online retail store, this has provided a boon to business as fans continue to order mp3s, vinyl, and CDs from Although digital sales continue to grow, executives at Fat Beats understand the importance of independent retail stores and are planning to re-open a brick and mortar hip-hop lifestyle location sometime in the near future.

The future looks just as bright for Fat Beats Distribution and the label. Fat Beats Distribution, which has been renamed FB Distribution, continues to strike noteworthy distribution deals with independent and major labels worldwide and is now working with different genres of alternative music. Fat Beats Records will continue to release notable albums from their own impressive roster of artists including ILL BILL, TruMaster/KRS-One, Black Milk, Trinity, Sha Stimuli, Q-Unique, and more. Fat Beats owner and President Joe Abajian says, “This is the start of a new era for Fat Beats. We’re adapting to meet the needs of our demographic by revamping and improving our existing systems. While our website, which stocks everything available in our retail stores, continues to do very well, we’re still exploring our options for alternate retail locations in the future. We’re proud of our legacy and will continue to re-invent ourselves. For now, we’ll see you online at”. (audibletreats)

R.I.P. Fat Beats Record Store NYC & LA, this is not good for hip hop, not good at all… Shout out to DJ Eclipse and the staff at Fat Beats, it became reality… think about it… this say a lot of the state of music today… protect your neck… I know I’ll always have my vinyl.

Sing Like Bilal Freestyles, Joell Ortiz new or original Masta Ace/Craig G/A.G./Emilio Rojas/Ill Bill/Apathy ?

So the crowd went pretty hyped on the new Joell Ortiz freestyle over the Sing Like Bilal beat (released on Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 1, what a sick beat). Joell Ortiz one is mad dope, but I prefer the original. Which one do you? Lets get the original out the old map for you:

DJ Premier – Sing Like Bilal Freestyle with Masta Ace, Craig G, A.G., Emilio Rojas, Ill Bill & Apathy (2008)

Joell Ortiz & DJ Premier – Sing Like Bilal Freestyle (2010)

Props to LiveFromHQ Blog.