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Live From HeadQCourterz (08/20/2010)

DJ Premier – Live From HeadQCourterz (08/20/2010)

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7 Responses to “Live From HeadQCourterz (08/20/2010)”

  • Comment from realhead

    what primo plays in three shows he plays in 1 ,crazy

  • Comment from realhead

    this js dude plays the show like he in the club js there are also people that actualy listen too the lyrics man ,sometimes ya mix in the next song before the first verse is over come on man. listen too preem!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hiphop forever.

  • Dope dope show! I love listening when JS-1 fills in cuz dude is CRAZY NICE!! And nothing beats listening to DJ’s like Revolution, JS-1 and J.Rocc on the radio… Stretch Armstrong too (back from ’90-’98 with Bobbito). They are all so CLEAN! Preem does his thing too, always has, but it’s just something special with Rev, JS-1 and J.Rocc. I wish sometimes Preem would do mixes of 90’s Hiphop… You know, like all them “Thunderstorm” radio shows back in ’94/’95 and his other radio shows and radio show appearences.

    And that’s funny… JS-1 did spin what Preem takes three shows to spin. haha

  • Comment from word up

    yes indeed because preem is such a real head that he realy listens too the song ,most dj,s don,t understand lyrics i guess so they just skim trough the songs. dj premier 1 of a kind dj he,s more than a dj he is hiphop hiphop is dj premier


  • Comment from Darkyy84

    What’s good. Is there gonna be a tracklist soon?

  • Comment from chiricatudor

    ay man somebody please tell me what song is at the very beggining?with that voice screaming AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and then pacino says ‘who do I trust?me’…I can’t remeber what beat is and i’m so nervous.please somebody holla at me,i’d really appreciate!

  • Comment from Darkyy84

    Goddamn, what’s the track that starts at 26min? (“from my observatory I focus and see it all”, something like that)

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