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DJ Premier Forum Tribute Album For Guru

The usual members of DJ Premier Forum (who are all my friends, we go back in years, they pushed me to buy vinyl haha) released their tribute album for Guru. With remixes and instrumentals dedicated to the legendary Guru. Free to download. Thank you guys!!


Krudanze – Intro
Gang Starr – Skills (Budd Hello Remix)
Krudanze – Grin
Moe – 196122010
Oll-Zen Beats – Cloudland
Moe – Every Single Day
Krudanze – Fly High
Rookie – Death Of A King
Krudanze – Knight Time
Oll-Zen Beats – Rhyme In Peace
Moe – On And On
Gang Starr – Skillz (Oll-Zen Remix)
Moe – For You
Rookie – Anyone Who Ever Loved
Krudanze – They’re Watching
Wiktor – Żaden Tam
Moe – Outro (Sky)
Moe – A Good Man Is Gone

Props to Moe (Germany) for starting this project and for creating the first DJ Premier Forum ever…Oll-Zen from Germany, Wiktor from Poland, Krudanze from Czech Republic, Budd Hello from Germany and so on and on.



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5 Responses to “DJ Premier Forum Tribute Album For Guru”

  • Comment from Wiktor

    “i’ll try to (…) change the drums and then i’m gonna figure it out some proper title”
    Mon Jun 21, 2010 7:10 pm

    oh well 😀

  • Comment from DJ Marquee

    Downloading it right now. I love these tribute albums so this one should be fire.

    Marquee, Rane TTM 57sl Mixer user

  • Comment from crackdaddy

    can’t wait to hear it

  • Comment from Moe

    yo thanks bro for posting this!!!

  • Thanks for this! I was hoping that Guru would get a tribute. It really made me angry that I had to go onto the internet to find out that one of the greatest rappers of all time died. If hip-hop were still alive and not being tortured and beaten by these fake artists using Auto-Tune for everything because they’re too un-talented to use their actual voice, Guru’s death would be known all over. It was a sad day and it still upsets me that people don’t know about what happened or that he even existed. R.I.P. Guru!

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