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New DJ Premier Interview with Conspiracy Radio

DJ Premier steps sway from a busy recording schedule to grace us with his presence, delivering a classically ‘Primo’ interview. We explore his current production work with Kanye West, his hope that Busta Rhymes will finally like one of his beats the tenth time around, his desire to work with Eminem and all of his up coming projects. Essential listening for hip hop.

Interview with Conspiracy Radio

Shout out to Conspiracy Radio!

Some sidenews, here’s Bun B answer on working with DJ Premier:

You worked with DJ Premier on your new record? Was that’s something you’d wanted to do for a while, and how did that come about?

I’ve known him for a long time — over 10 years now. He’s from Prairie View originally, and I’m from Port Arthur, so we never knew each other coming up, but we’ve got a lot of mutual friends. Every now and then you meet someone who is just like you, and that’s Primo. He’s a really down to earth, really simple dude. Neither of us are into too much extra [stuff].

When we met up, it felt like we’d known each other for years, and when we collaborated, we never let the music interfere with our friendship. We’d originally tried to work together many years ago, but everyone’s schedule was [messed] up. Pimp was gone, then he came home and Premier was busy working with Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston. We never had the time to put something together, but finally we made the time to turn it into a real record that incorporated Pimp.


And some rumors from Christina Aguilera’s side, it looks like she wasn’t happy with the goings of her new album and the sales, she’s about to move to a new record company Live Nation. She’s already fully busy with her new project Burlesque which should include the unreleased Neptunes and DJ Premier tracks.

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3 Responses to “New DJ Premier Interview with Conspiracy Radio”

  • Comment from AMAru

    such a dope interview, i can’t believe busta rejected 9 beats, too bad he didn’t pick the let em know beat, this would be sick, but bun killed the track anyway…hope em gonna hook up with preem, obviously he’s desperate too connect with eminem…

  • Comment from DJ Rugged D

    Haha premo is desperate to connect with Rminem not only because he is good, but because of the money involved 😛

    I would be desperate too. I hope i make it one day at one peace, without going through any financial struggles and failures like of lot of the cats tryna get into the industry. Premo is my influence, just look at who hes worked with. Hes not too commercial, but hes not too underground. i wanna be like that so i can make a little bit of monet, you know?

  • Comment from AMAru

    nope bro sorry but i gotta disagree, this ain’t about the money, premo always wanted to work with the best emcees, and eminem is arguably one of the greatest (yes, i know that encore was crap, relapse was embarrassing), em would kill a premo beat, this would be one of premo’s biggest collabos, he’s got dope lyrics and a flow that’s nearly untouchable. i’m pretty sure preem’s financial situation ain’t bad at all, so he doesn’t need to work with a big artist, premo just knows that eminem would fit perfectly to his tracks…

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