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Vintage: Rare Full D&D Studios Clips Now Online

The 40’s and Blunts party was recorded and used for the epk from D&D’s first release The D&D Project on Arista Records. The ideas was to team up new and upcoming artists with all star producers who worked out of D&D. The single One, Two Pass It was produced by the legendary DJ Premier and was recorded this evening during the 40’s and Blunt’s party. ***Side note…soooo many people wanted to get into the party…it was insane…..we had to say no to many people who we knew….one of them Jay-Z—–opps!!!

The long awaited album Body of the Life Force on D&D/Koch Records was finally released after a misfire on Gee Street/V2 Records. Check out Afu walking around New York City and D&D Studios talking about his debut album.

Craig-G recorded the last song and album (besides the Ownerz) at D&D Studios called “This Is Now” In this epk he talks about his involvement in writing all the freestyles for the movie 8-Mile.

Agallah, Buckshot, Craig-G, Afu-Ra, Search, Steel, Eon, Tigger, Tony Touch etc. From the D&D Project 2 we recorded a long ass freestyle song produced by Curt Cazal. We told all of the MC’s we wanted it off the top but not everyone could deliver! Not sure how many of you got a chance to see this….so here it is!

For more rare video clips from the D&D vault, check out D&D Studios YouTube Account here.

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