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I’m thinking of uploading movies and pictures on the Facebook profile… Please remember that this site needs every single fan to survive, nothing is free in this world and renting servers are not cheap. So it would be cool of you to support me and the site by pressing the like button :). I would like to thank you guys for all the love in the past!!

Join the community and now share what you have on the Facebook wall, maybe DJ Premier will read them ;).


RhymeReel Week 2 by Nick Javas

This is my first weekly NFL update. I call it “RhymeReel”, which should be self-explanatory once you check out the video. I did all of the editing myself, and this is my first attempt at using Green screen so bear with me. It’ll get better in the coming weeks. Special thanks to Dave Catalano for shooting the Greenscreen segments. Big shouts to Daneja for supplying the beat. Enjoy.