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Above The Clouds EP by Shanaz Dorsett

Since 2008, Shanaz Dorsett has linked with various music-makers from around the globe (thanks, internet!), most notably producers Remot (Mick Boogie, Donny Goines, U-N-I, Chipp Tha Ripper, Dutchmassive, Cy Marshall Law) and EOM (of Wax & EOM’s Liquid Courage, Shad, Classified, Chamillionaire, Dumbfounded, The MudKids, Random aka Mega Ran). However this time around, she went to the crates for some inspiration.

Above the Clouds Volume 1 is a 5 song EP composed of this soulful British Songstress voice over classic DJ PREMIER productions. She blissfully sings over “So Ghetto,” “Nas is Like,” “Boom,” “Watch How It Go Down,” and “That White.” The EP is perfect for the curious minds who might wonder what R&B vocals sound like on the full-course meal of a Premier production (Yes, yes, Craig David, Laura Ibizor, D’angelo were on original Preem productions!). And while the vocals certainly compliment the beat, it is evident that Premier certainly created a formula for diversity, longevity, and multiplicity with his production.

This EP serves as a homage to the greatest producer of all time, but also as a coming out party for a singer who is sure to remain on our radar for the future.


Shanaz Dorsett – Above The Clouds EP

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