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DJ Premier Asks Dr Dre In Public To Record a Track Together

Premiers favorite Dr Dre records:
Straight Outta Compton
The Chronic
World Class Wreckin’ Cru

DJ Premier speaks on;
-Hip Hop started in the West Bronx, not South Bronx.
-Premier says you got to know as a hip hop artist Percy Sledge, Tears For Fears, Tom Tom Club, James Brown, The Isley Brothers, The O’Jays & The Supremes.
-Dr Dre
-Touch a little on Guru


Juba Zaki – The Intervening (Prod. by Pascal Paulus) VIDEO CLIP

Every day I feel blessed to have this blog thanks to you fans and DJ Premier ofc. And I love to share that feeling with my friends. I’ve done it in the past a few times and this time is no other. It’s nothing related with DJ Premier but with gim this one time. Here’s a new video clip by a personal friend of mine. His name is Juba Zaki, he’s original from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, East New York. He’s a guy that travels all around the world with almost nothing, trying to meet new people and just enjoying earth. Feeding from the love of all kind of people. He’s now found his home in Belgium. As you know, living is expensive. So if you feel the track, feel free to buy it for only 1 euro to support my mans ass. It’s a hard world outside and he could use your support. You can find the links under text. But only if you feel him. If you ever see him in your city, ask him for a hip hop story. It’s crazy if you live that era. Here’s his bio:

Juba has been developing his style of music throughout incarnations. In this life it’s has been recognized as a folk style commonly known as Hip-Hop. As a child of the ’70s his church upbringing was mirrored by Hip-Hop which was a world he delved into while attending elementary school in East New York, Brooklyn, NYC. The trumpet (his first instrument) also quenched his musical thirst and encouraged technique in beatboxing. After graduating high-school in 1992 and being kicked out of his family’s home shortly thereafter Juba became a nomad. He has hitch-hiked the US several times living in many cities (Atlanta, Florence SC, Seattle WA,Santa Cruz Ca, Portland Me, etc.) all the while sharpening his skill and ear with local musicians and MC’s. The recording of his debut solo project finds him ‘across the pond’ working with producer Pascal Paulus in Brussels, Belgium.


DJ Toshi – Real Shit (Feat. Blaq Poet, Reks & B.A.M.) (Prod. by DJ Toshi)

More new Blaq Poet exclusives from DJ Toshi’s new mixtape “Dig Down Deep Vol. 3”. This time featured the great underground rapper Reks from Boston & B.A.M. Blaq Poet spreading his message like fire, yes:


Person note: Can’t wait for that new Reks album early next year, incl. new Premo!


It’s not every day you get to interview a true hip-hop legend, someone who has paid their dues ten times over and always held on to their core values despite the ever-changing musical landscape. That kind of strength and character not only made Preem’s signature drums and crisp scratches great but immortal, destined to live forever in the same vein as Miles Davis, James Brown and Bob Marley. And sure, DJ Premier has been doing more interviews as of late to promote his upcoming compilation Year Round Records: Get Used to Us, but it’s not until you hear his scratchy, deep baritone vibrating through your cell phone speaker that it really hits you that you’re carrying on a conversation with THE DJ Premier, the man responsible for crafting countless classics as one-half of Gang Starr while still snapping necks with the likes of Jeru the Damaja, KRS-One, the Group Home, Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, Cormega, Screwball and Nas (among many, many others).

As Primo’s voice battles the static on our phone connection, I can tell he’s excited about where his talents have been taking him lately, as he’s wrapping up his compilation album along with albums from NYGz, Khaleel and MC Eiht and Young Malay while continuing work on signee Nick Javas’ debut album Destination Unknown, DJ Premier Versus Pete Rock and a new KRS-One album Return of the Boom Bip. But right now, Premier is more hyped over what just transpired in his day. DJ Swa, a talented DJ from France, was hanging out with Premier and asked to go to Queensbridge to sit on the same park bench where Nas once sat to write Illmatic. Not only did Preem take Swa to QB, he took him to Nas’ old apartment. The current tenant, upon recognizing Premier, invited the two of them into Nasir’s old stomping grounds for a makeshift tour that reduced Swa to tears.

As soon as Premier drops Swa off at the airport, it’s back to the grind, which means answering questions that I’ve been mentally storing ever since I heard his first scratch. Thus began an interview that flowed more like a conversation that ranged from his upcoming projects to staying motivated to why Busta Rhymes hasn’t been able to find a suitable banger from the production god. Read on for the full, unedited DJ Premier HipHopGame interview.