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D&D Studios Film: The Mecca Of 90’s Hip Hop by Dexter Thibou Fund Raising Project

Hello perspective backers.My objective is to put together a documentary about D&D Studios,NYC, one of the most well known and respected Hip Hop Recording studios in the business.This studio itself was world renowned for cranking out a distinct and unique sound which in turn lead to the rise of a era of undeniable Hip Hop classics.With this film I hope to give the background stories on some of the most influential Hip Hop records and albums of our time,show you the place where they were made and tell what it took to make them .

Through candid, in depth interviews with the producers and artists who made this happen, we will also explore the personal experiences of these artists and producers whose hard work made these albums and who ultimately became a part of the most influential era of Hip Hop Music to date.Also we will gain insight as to what it was like working at D&D,what made it so special and how being there helped to mold their sound, giving birth to timeless gems.Every Hip Hop fan and those who are just curious to know, will most definitely get answers to questions they have had for decades.

I’ll “chop it up” with the studio’s original owners,former staff members and various Hip Hop production notables and pioneers, such as :

• DJ Premier,one half and producer for GangStarr,Group Home,Jeru Da Damaja and the Notorious B.I.G.
• Ski Beats,producer for Jay Z,Camp Lo and Sporty Thievz
• Da Beatminerz,producers for Black Moon,Smif N Wessun and Heltah Skeltah
• Lord Finesse,producer for D.I.T.C.,Big L and Fat Joe
I’ll talk with artists including:
• KRS One legendary EMCee who gave us “You Must Learn”,”Sound of the Police” and “Rapture”
• The Lost Boyz, who gave the hits “Jeeps,Lex Coups,Bimaz and Benz” and “Music Makes Me High”
• Craig G. who penned “Droppin’ Science” and “The Symphony”

We will also spend time reminisce and pay tribute to some of our fallen comrades such as Christopher “B.I.G.” Wallace,Lamont “Big L” Coleman,Keith “Guru” Elam and others, all of whom recorded at the studio and over the years became family to all of us who worked there and whose music was a voice for countless numbers of fans.

The funds I am attempting to raise through KickStarter will be used to get things started, no pun intended.To pay for travel and filming costs and incidentals, as I am in the infant stages of the production of the project.This is a completely independent work and a long time passion of mine.Being present at D&D during this period as an Intern and later as an Engineer,I was privileged to be a part of creative process on some of most of the greatest albums of that era.With the help of backers such as yourself, I hope to bring my vision to life and share this with the world.Thanks you for your interest.

Project location: New York, NY

For a preview, you can read Dexter’s older stories on D&D Studios here. Lets see what the future will bring. Good luck my friend.

Damu The Fudgemunk – DC Joint (Guru Dedication) (Prod. by Damu The Fudgemunk)

New single off Damu The Fudgemunk’s upcoming album “Supply For Demand” out today on wax and more. To make it better, this track is dedicated to the Guru, enjoy the real:


For more background info on this track click here.