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“Project Boy” Not On 2nd Joell Ortiz Album Due To Label Is Afraid For Clearing Flavor Flav Sample

Hmmm… This is a little strange to me. When we finally saw a release date and tracklist for the long awaited “Free Agent” album by Joell Ortiz we didn’t saw the single “Project Boy”… No problem, DJ Premier gave us some more details in a recent interview when he visited Macedonia. It seems the label E1 Records was afraid to clear the sample “Boooooy” by Flavor Flav. When Premo heard about that he called Flavor Flav himself to clear it by himself. But then it was already too late…

This remembered me back on the Royce da 5’9″ album “Street Hop” that should have contained 6 DJ Premier tracks. 1 collabo didn’t made the album due to sample problems, you remember? (that song got a beat from someone else over it instead). That album was released through Royce label One Records, but parent label E1 Records took care of the distribution/financial part…

E1 is formerly Koch Records. Koch Records is very respected in Hip Hop genre (and worldwide). But is it a good thing to release hip hop if you’re ‘afraid’ of clearing samples? Just my two cents…

Don’t worry, DJ Premier is REAL so what’s his respond: he’s going to release the song on a 45 haha. You gotta love Preem. Listen:


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6 Responses to ““Project Boy” Not On 2nd Joell Ortiz Album Due To Label Is Afraid For Clearing Flavor Flav Sample”

  • Comment from Hot Line 666

    I thougt this kind of stuff shouldn`t even exist anymore.

    When somebody`s record is used to cut, or sampling it also works as a biggin up to the artist.

    And what about the that bullshit, that hip hop had white card to sample soul and motown… wich means big up and make people run after the old artist_? Bullshit cause they keep trying to sue and shit..

    Hip hop was supposed to be a community…

    Is the future of hip hop being produced by Phanton Synths and wack 808 beats?
    C Mon…

  • Comment from Hector Klink

    don’t use the term loosely but this whole song is crack! Hoping we’ll get a release thru some more channels. This production is too good to get held back in the sample clearing business.

  • Comment from AMAru

    how can you call urself a hip hop label and not clear a sample, project boy was a insane collabo, I don’t understand it, it’s a hip hop record, clear that fuckin sample, what should they be afraid of??? e1 is fuckin ridiculous, especially cuz falva flav had no problems with it…

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Freddie Foxxx and Premier made seven new songs – good news.
    “Project Boy” is already on my iPod so it’s not really a big deal to me.

  • Comment from FRANKREAAA

    welk radioprogramma is dat?

  • Comment from Djgaaz

    That’s Some bullshit !

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