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Diggy – Past, Present(s), Future Mixtape (Hosted by DJ Premier)

1.DJ Premier Intro
2.Digg Is Like
3.Risin’ To The Top
4.DJ Premier (Break 2)
5.Shook Ones Pt. 3
6.Wake Up (Interlude 1)
7.DJ Premier (Break 3)
8.Electric Relaxation
9.Paid In Full
10.Elevator Music (Interlude 2)
11.Shut Em’ Down
12.Cypher (Continued…)
13.DJ Premier Outro


15 year old son of Rev Run, also an American reality star & fashion designer according to wikipedia.

DJ Tony Touch Toca Tuesdays (12/21/2010)

DJ Tony Touch – Toca Tuesdays (12/21/2010)

Wow, this show is chilly willy dope. Guests are DJ Premier, Nick Javas, Showbiz, Bumpy Knuckles & D-Flow. Enjoy! getting ready for 2011!

Moment of Truth Track “She Knowz What She Wantz” is Produced by Guru, Not DJ Premier

You knew that? I didn’t… How about you? I know I didn’t knew that one, am I the only one or what? I only heard the rumours about “Code Of The Streets” was produced by Guru… Here’s the prove:

Muhfucka damn, rip guru!

EDIT: Aha, by the look of the comments also “Make Em Pay” is produced by Guru. Strange mistake for me as credit freak. All I read on Gang Starr albums was “Produced by DJ Premier, Co-Produced by Guru”. Whatever. On to Christmas!

Live From HeadQCourterz (12/17/2010)

DJ Premier – Live From HeadQCourterz (12/17/2010)