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Moment of Truth Track “She Knowz What She Wantz” is Produced by Guru, Not DJ Premier

You knew that? I didn’t… How about you? I know I didn’t knew that one, am I the only one or what? I only heard the rumours about “Code Of The Streets” was produced by Guru… Here’s the prove:

Muhfucka damn, rip guru!

EDIT: Aha, by the look of the comments also “Make Em Pay” is produced by Guru. Strange mistake for me as credit freak. All I read on Gang Starr albums was “Produced by DJ Premier, Co-Produced by Guru”. Whatever. On to Christmas!

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17 Responses to “Moment of Truth Track “She Knowz What She Wantz” is Produced by Guru, Not DJ Premier”

  • Comment from jj

    credits in the booklet is what you need gim…

  • Comment from Wiktor

    Gim ask “Primo” who did Code Of The Streets, cause years ago we’ve got serious discussion about it.

  • Comment from Exclusivo

    So in fact, Guru knew what he wanted with that track? Guru was one hell of a producer on his own. R.I.P. to one of the best yet.

  • Comment from al

    Exactly. Code of the streets is produced by Guru but co-produced by Primo so… It’s like a Primo track…

  • Comment from Nats

    Gim I’m disappointed…

  • Comment from AMAru

    make em pay was a guru production too…

  • Comment from kensy

    My LP says: All songs produced by DJ Premier and co-produced by Guru for Gang Starr Productions, Inc., Except “She Knowz Whay She Wantz” and “Make ‘Em Pay” produced by Guru and co-produced by DJ Premier for Gang Starr Productions, Inc.

    So guru also did “Make ‘Em Pay”…

  • Comment from d.fusion

    how did you not know this… booklet says co-produced by premier. im guessing he might have provided the sample… but elsewise it doesnt sound like premier at all… still fitting to the moment of truth concept.

  • Comment from kąkol

    yo didn’t recognize a sound of this track and you didn’t read a booklet

  • Comment from mick

    credits , guru also produced make em pay as well

  • Comment from GuttahMastah

    I could tell it was produced by Guru just by listening to it…

    Those weren’t Premo rimshots. And the sample sounds too soulful/jazzy to be Premo.

    Guru is a sick producer too. That’s why Gang Starr is my favorite group of all time. Both of them can produce! So insane.

    Code of the Streets is CO-PRODUCED by Guru. Guru didn’t produce that whole thing.

  • Comment from robi

    credits on my booklet cd
    make em pay
    produced by guru and co-produced by dj premier.
    drum programmming and keyboards by dj premier

    boom bap

  • Comment from Ian Curtis

    You just gotta check Discogs… Besides, that’s not Primo sound at all.

  • Comment from gim is a clown

    thats why son gets no respect. SON DOESNT EVEN KNOW WHO DID WHAT

  • Comment from claaa7

    “She Knows What She Was” was always produced by Guru, co-prod by DJ Premier. same with “Make ‘Em Pay” but the difference with that is that Premier programmed and played keyboards on “Make ‘Em Pay” (just like with “Where’s My Ladies”).

    “Code Of The Streets” is a little trickier – the “Hard to Earn” album and single says produced by DJ Premier, co-prod. by Guru but the “Full Clip” album says that’s the only song on the double CD produced by GURU and co-prod. by DJ Premier.

    but Guru was a dope producer, that’s not news. just check the “Jazzmattaz” albums for example.

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @post above me, lol @ the word ‘son’. eum, i don’t understand you? why do you diss dj premier? he also didn’t knew make em pay was produced by guru or wasn’t it? listen good… this post and site is not about me, but about dj premier. so this post is 80% about ‘is she knowz what she wantz the only track produced by guru or not?’. lol at ingnorant people. if you bitch you’re a bitch… thank you for visiting the site i created, that makes my day. the more clicks the greater the support.

  • Comment from bctw

    I know GURU was an accomplished producer but I thought most of his music was from Jazmatazz and I just figured Preem did all Gang Starr beats. It just increases how impressive of an artist GURU was.

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