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DJ Premier & Royce da 5’9″ Preforming “Boom” Live in London Clip

Meanwhile last night in London… Amsterdam can expect this too you know. So get ready!

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5 Responses to “DJ Premier & Royce da 5’9″ Preforming “Boom” Live in London Clip”

  • Comment from Paul Greenway

    What a great video. So inspiring.

    Still after all those years you’re putting it down 100%.

    DJ Premier if you read this, i’ve been wondering if i can send you some instrumentals over, i’d love to get some feedback from the greatest of all. You don’t know what it would mean to me to get this chance.

    I’m already following every step you make on twitter. If you could borrow me 2 minutes of your time so i can send you some, that would be beautiful.

    Thank you for putting out such great music.

    Much love


  • Comment from Fab5Eddy

    Can’t wait! Gim, you should hang out here too with us.:)

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @Fab5Eddy, wassup homie, maybe i will 😀

  • Comment from Asad

    I probably will not find the right words to describe what the fuck happened yesterday! OBVIOUSLY IN A POSITIVE SENSE 😀 ! IT WAS JUST SOOO FUCKIN SICK!!! and its not the first time ive seen preem rockin the shit live! im really glad i was there, probably one of the best days of my life as i got handclapped by nick javas, royce and the god himself 🙂 but not only that, got an autograph from javas as well as frm the god himself on my new era! but as if that wasnt enough, i had the honour to take a pic with the greatest of all time! THX FOR GIVING LONDON THE HONOUR PREEM!!! and thx to gim for postin the boom performance (croud did went fuckin nuts when that shit dropped) and keeping us guys updated about upcoming premo gigs!!!

  • Comment from Fab5Eddy

    Premo, Nick and Royce killed it!

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