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DJ Premier & Nick Javas @ Kosovo Clip

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4 Responses to “DJ Premier & Nick Javas @ Kosovo Clip”

  • Comment from hayzerascoe

    First I want to say sorry for your loss Guru was and still is at the top of I think the world/history/hip hop and my list of the best MC/poet/philosophers.I tell people all the time how i was taught new words/politics/history/issues among other things from hip hop.Hate to sound like it was better back in the day but as far as content it is.Production is good but too many copy cats shouts to all the producers breaking new ground or at least trying.I been listening to your production style since i was 13 in Chicago I Manifest was the fist song. I’m 34 now and to this day 12.4.10 1:52AM I have never heard you not 1 wack beat some better than others but never wack and always bangers but, this is not about me it’s about my nephew. He’s been reciting rhymes since he was 3 years old hanging out with me his first song he recited was The What Bigge feat. Method Man at three he even edited himself from saying the curse words.He’s 20 now still doing his thing went trough his phases.One thing i always told him be yourself rap about real life.A week ago I heard his latest He is ready I hear it.His style is one you can listen to and his voice is good he has been working on his craft for 17 years. I never really thought about it like that but it’s true. So if you have 10-15 minutes this is music page and he spit’in over mostly your tracks I guess i taught him well.This could be a good one I have never done anything like this before and wouldn’t waste your time and I don’t care for faking jacks.This is his phone number 1.407.242.6080. PEACE

  • Comment from szeliúr

    Dec.9 Budapest!!Can!t Wait!!!

  • Comment from bill

    Nick Javas is a cool dude. 🙂

  • Comment from RBC

    i’m really starting to dig Nick Javas…

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