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Pete Rock Reveals The First Feature on DJ Premier Battle Album & Announces A New CL Smooth Album + New Solo Album

If this continues we know all the collabos in three months or something :D. That’s awesome! We need to prepare for 2011 on a serious level…

DJ Premier Names:
-Sheek Louch
-The Beatnuts

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18 Responses to “Pete Rock Reveals The First Feature on DJ Premier Battle Album & Announces A New CL Smooth Album + New Solo Album”

  • Comment from AMAru

    damn big pooh and cl smooth on one track, sounds hella nice
    btw, premo revealed another feature-the beatnuts (mentioned it in an interview), so 3 more, I hope masta ace is one of em…
    the most anticipated hip hop album in 2011, can’t wait

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @AMAru, forgot! thx

  • Comment from AMAru

    you’re welcome bro, forgot to say that I’m excited about a new pr & cl smooth album too!!

  • Comment from T.R.

    Premier and the Beatnuts?!! Can’t fucking wait to hear that!!

  • Comment from Paul

    wow à new pete rock & cl smooth album man i really really can’t wait for that THE soulbrothers are back in 2011 hopefully 🙂

  • Comment from oliver

    Is he saying he will produce a Kam moye album?? or what???

    Holy shit that will be the shit

  • Comment from raefromfrance


  • Comment from jj

    i think premo will make a track with redman..i hope so and MF DOOM on a premo beat would be…INSANE!


  • Comment from zen_funky

    Damn ITS VERY GOOOD NEWS 4 ME, 4 All Hip hop Heads

  • Comment from Dick B.

    I hope Preem gives GZA a one of those dark sinister beats. I can almost hear it now.

  • Comment from Articulate1

    Daaaamns! Everytime I think about this project I get a woody! I mean these two are arguably the greatest of all time who still hold it down. Preme and Beatnuts is a natural combo and that GZA joint should be nuckin’ futz! They need to get Ghost and Rae on a joint… and Kweli would be a good look too. Be nice if they got Jeru or Nas but that’s a long shot. DOOM would be dope but I dont see it happening…Cant wait to hear what Preem did on Technique’s album too.

  • Comment from yoyo

    Busta Rhymes

  • Comment from GuttahMastah

    Yeah im with dick b. Haha

    Dark sinister premo beat i like the way you dewcribe that, those dark premo beats are my fav type of premo beat

    Hence my name haha. Cant wait forthis pete rock vs premo album. 2 legends!!! Wow. Mouth watering…

  • Comment from j0oftheworld

    Premier and PR are holding Hip Hop together!
    2011 sounds like it’s geared up to be one of the best years in a LONG time!!

  • Comment from QUESTIO

    Some suggestions:

    – DMX (that is if he’s free and ready to do this music)

    but first and foremost: OUTKAST.

  • Comment from mick

    what i would like to see –

    premo – rakim , oc , j live , jeru , ghostface

    pete – cl smooth , masta ace , large pro , el da sensei , de la soul

  • Comment from Mad

    I never commented on this blog – until now 🙂
    I would love the following collabos.

    Premo: Necro
    LL Cool J
    Ice Cube
    Slick Rick
    Sticky Fingaz (or complete Onyx)
    MF Doom
    The Roots
    Madlib (Quasimoto rhymin’ over a Premier Beat = Dream come true)

    GZA, Sheek Louch + The Beatnuts are also great

  • Comment from WhYes Productions

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