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RhymeReel Week 15 by Nick Javas

Personal note from Nick Javas:

Sports Illustrated’s “Year in Sports Media” issue had no mention of “NFL Rhyme Reel : Hosted by Nick Javas”!!!! Their site SI.Com has posted “RR” for 10 WEEKS THIS SEASON (on its “Hot Clicks/Extra Mustard” section) but, with an entire section dedicated to “Digital” ( internet), not one word of it in the mag?! DJ Steve Porter got a write-up, but we got shown no love. HELP US “RR” NATION!!!! Email the mag at: “RR” changed 2010 internet sports coverage, and we want them to recognize it!!!
Anyone who gets their letter published by Sports Illustrated (on the “Letters” page, normally on page 6 of the weekly mag) will receive a FREE “NFL RHYME REEL: HOSTED BY NICK JAVAS” T-SHIRT designed by SubConscious Threads, A FREE NICK JAVAS “TRAINING CAMP” MIXTAPE SIGNED BY NICK JAVAS, A FREE “DJ PREMIER PRESENTS YEAR ROUND RECORDS: GET USED TO US” COMPILATION ALBUM, AND $100 IN CASH!!! Be creative, be informative, and be original…and SI will publish it!

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