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EXCLUSIVE: 1 Hour Sitdown With Pete Rock & DJ Premier

Finally got it online, but it’s missing the last 5min because me and my pc suck at video editing, whatever. Here’s my Christmas Present for y’all. A 1 hour sitdown with the two greatest hip hop producers of all time telling stories. Off the DJ Premier vs Pete Rock DVD released in Japan. This is the bonus interview. Buy it now! Enjoy…

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19 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: 1 Hour Sitdown With Pete Rock & DJ Premier”

  • Comment from nOF

    Preem keep talking about the time he was having sex (When he got the phone call that Big L died) . Probably heard about that 4-5 times, no joke. lol

  • Comment from Altermann

    Can´t thank you enough for this! Merry X-mas, yo.

  • Comment from Dominicano78


  • Comment from grga

    where’s the rest of it? cod of the streets…..?

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @grga, the rest is on the dvd. you can import it from japan for cheap price thanks to the 21th century.

  • Comment from Nats

    Props Gim u did it again

  • Comment from claaa7

    thanks alot Gim and merry christmas, that was a very intersting interview although i know probably 95% of the stories but it’s always good to hear about the producers emotional relation to a record. i wish you would’ve asked about “Code Of The Streets” and the track with Louie Vega too + what involvement Jeru had on the production tip on “The Sun Rises…”, since it says Produced by Jeru Kendricks and D.J. Premier but most of the 12″ singles says produced by Preem also. great job tho, thanks again!

  • oh man..thanx a million for this. respect

  • Comment from kensy


    DJ Premier said that Guru produced “Code of the streets” original but he rechopped and updated-ed it a bit.

    But what do you mean with “the track with Louie Vega too” ?


  • Comment from Doc Ish

    This is hip hop rt here

  • Comment from V!RTU

    HUGE privilege to be in the room with both of these dudes at the same time. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Pete Rock, but I have yet to realize the dream of meeting DJ Premier in the flesh. I can’t think of any person I would rather meet. Respect to the cats that keep this kinda sh!t goin! I need this like air!

  • Comment from LG Roc

    @ kensy

    Prolly he used the same program(with same sintetic subst. samples) as Soul Called Friend (Group home).
    Produced by Guru.

  • Comment from REDEEM

    Dope Shit Right There. My Equipment is Always Plugged In (SP1200, S900 and Records + Add Reason).

  • Comment from iffy

    Awesome interview, only wished that the guy pulled out the livin proof album, would of loved to hear some stories about that

  • Comment from G-fucius

    Manyun I don’t care how many times I see you two kats pollying together, I love it every single time. In mind I make the same types of tracks the same type of way that you dudes do… reality says I can think like it, but the duplication ain’t there…but hell you two sit on top of the beat chart alone anyway…

    Where can I buy the DVD is the real question?

  • Comment from Fab5Eddy

    We have certain formulas but we update em (oh right)
    with the times and everything y’know
    So y’know the rhyme style is elevated
    The style of beats is elevated but it’s still Nas, Pete and Premier
    And it’s always a message involved

  • Comment from Blaktag

    Love their work from day 1!
    Still love their work
    I made my 4 seeds listen to that from day one

  • Comment from Dick B.

    We need another Illmatic.
    Large Pro, Pete, and Preem.
    Nas jumps on board. Dreams come true.

  • Comment from Phil

    LOL yea I think I heard him saying that before …

    “Preem keep talking about the time he was having sex (When he got the phone call that Big L died)”

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