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2010: The Year That Changed The Status of Gang Starr

As we are all waiting to celebrate 2011 I want you all to stand still one more time this year, that we lost a great person in 2010 that moved so many people in different ways. A final RIP to Guru. 2010 will always be remembered for Guru. Love. 2011 here we come…

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5 Responses to “2010: The Year That Changed The Status of Gang Starr”

  • Comment from Thaproductz

    GURU will forever be missed in my heart , gangstarr and Jazzmatazz will always play in my home, car, and headphones till my end of time. GURUs lyrics will never be in vain just like Pacs lyrics I will cherish them and give them food for thought always, to me and myfamily , as I will pass it on to my kids .
    One forever love ( RIP )to Gifted Under rhymes universal GURU, May You REST IN PARADISE with the great ones!!!

  • Comment from Adi1

    Word Thaproductz. To me, Guru will always be one of my top MCs in the hip hop world. His lyrics from the track “Moment of Truth” really moves me everytime i listen to it. He will definitely be missed. Rest In Perfect Peace GURU. GANG STARR FOR LIFE!!!!!!

  • Comment from LG Roc


  • Comment from Haroon

    No Hip-Hop death hit me like his. One thing about Gangstarr — and a huge part of that is from Guru, is when I listened to records like Step in the Arena growing up I felt I could relate to it. It wasn’t obnoxiously ‘hardcore,’ but it wasn’t soft either. It had intelligence, but it wasn’t nerdy. It was the perfect middle ground for what a Hip-Hop record should be. Step in the Arena set the bar for what other Hip-Hop records had to live up to in every respect. It’s still my gauge.

  • Comment from Eric Francis

    Education, i didnt get it in school. I got it from people like Jello Biafra, Chuck D and Guru.

    RIP Guru, never forgotten!

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