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Best DJ Premier Beat of 2010 is…

Yesss, I’m so full of joy. The best DJ Premier beat of 2010 is decided thanks to 3,118 Premo fans to be exact. That’s 3x more votes in compare with last year… damn this blog is growing. Can’t thank the people who vote enough. And with no further yip yap, the best DJ Premier Beat of 2010 is with no surprise:

Europe stand up!! With 20% of all the votes aka 633 votes this is the absolute winner!! Haha, and I’ve got great news for everybody… This track is going to be pressed on wax in 2011!!


What do y’all think? I’m actually surprised about the Young Maylay track, my favorite beat after Soulkast… But the people decided. Looking forward to hear the best beat of 2011 haha.

Previous winners:
2009 winner: Rap Addiction by Blaq Poet (17%)
2008 winner: Say Goodnight by Reks (30%)

Once again, thank you to everyone who voted and congratulations to Soulkast. End of the DJ Premier Blog Awards.

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21 Responses to “Best DJ Premier Beat of 2010 is…”

  • Comment from nOF

    Let Em Know was by far the best-

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    On the real, this was a “favorite rappers” popularity contest, even though you said specifically that it was supposed to be about the beat.

    I’m sure Soulkast got his fans to vote. I came across a Canibus forum that posted your link and asked Canibus fans to vote: ‘not because of the beat, but because Canibus needed more profile.” lmao.

  • Comment from KAZAM92

    Man Bun B lost by a hair

  • Comment from DJTHA"suMo*

    All dem shits is dope!. Smiley is hardcore dats my shit.! I can’t wait 4 dis Tef album.! I hope it’s strait peemo wit a couple joints from Lil’ Fame. Dats it. Word.!

  • Comment from DJTHA"suMo*

    Preemo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My bad.!!!!

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @SirBiatch, word? lol

  • Comment from AMAru

    “premiere salve” is definitely a crazy beat, is in my top 3 fo sho, I love the sample premo uses, veeery dope
    on the other hand, I’m kinda surprised that “project boy” did pretty poorly… this is IMO the best beat in 2010, and one of the illest shit I’ve heard in a while. the cuts are crazy, the way how he scratches “for the” is uncomparable, and the “boy” is just classic. premo to the fullest in here
    i guess this year we gonna have a much more difficult choice to make when we look at the upcomin releases.
    2011 is gonna be one of preem’s best years

  • Comment from Korleon

    i thought “im legend” was better but this one is crazy too!

    yo man, was the never used primo beat that was used for the busta rhymes remix released somewhere else?
    so i could make a cdq of that remix!

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    IMO, Soulkast’s beat and Let Em Know are lazy Premo joints. Given to anyone else but Bun B and Soulkast, nobody would give a damn. I’m surprised that boring 5% beat also got a high vote. Probably the worst Premo/KRS collab I’ve heard other than Criminal Minded 08.

    You should have posted instrumentals so the fanboys can actually listen to the beats alone. lol.

    The heaters are:

    I’m Legend
    Project Boy – best cuts on a Premo record this year. As Amaru said, “nuts”.
    Spit Six
    I’m Gone

  • Comment from Fab5Eddy

    Pity that Preem’s own artist is number last!

  • Comment from AMAru

    @ Korleon
    the beat is called “JJ Beat” i guess, it is featured on the def jam rapstar game…

  • Comment from 357nyc

    face it the French kid merked shit the hardest anyway….As ill as the beat is, and it IS the best Premo beat of the year, the song just wouldn’t sound as good with anyone else on it…The kid is fuckin nasty and idk even know wtf he’s talkin about lol…

  • Comment from ib2quik2c

    ^^^ i agree 100%… i am american and did not hesitate to vote soulkast’s “premier salve” as beat of the year because dude straight merked the track… plus preem’s scratch of reks’ “boom bap, pm to the am” put a muthafuckin stamp on that shit as official!!

    if soulkast was not included, i would have voted either “project boy” or “lifetime membership”… also, i think “opportunity knocks” should have been included.


  • Comment from DJ GuttahMastah D

    That Spit six joint should not be ranked down that low. Seriously that shit is kinda ridiculous. It should be at least in the top 5. Whatever that’s just my opinion.

    I voted for project boy because I like gutter shit. The “boyyyy” really gets me. It has classic sound to it.

    I didn’t for for Premiere Salve because I can’t understand what the man is sayin and the beat just isn’t up to par with my standards. Don’t get me wrong, it’s dope but it shouldn’t be número UNO.

    The 5% joint was a bit lazy, but I can see why Premo did that with the beat because KRS-One is a lyrical beast and he especially needs to be heard on the teachings of the 5%ers and the gods. But criminal minded 08 was NASTY. I’m sorry SirBiatch but I disagree with you on that one. Criminal Minded 08 is way past the 5% joint.

    One love from Baltimore. Pce

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    ^DJ Guttah, when I heard Spit Six, I couldn’t get it out of my head for a good 3 months. Ever played that shit in the whip? FUCK! Ridiculous beat. I still bump that on the reg. and Project Boy had me buggin the fuck out with the cuts. with the “for the” then the “boyyyy”. straight heat!

    you made me go listen to Criminal Minded 08 again… you’re right. It’s definitely past the 5% joint. I hadn’t heard CM08 in a hot minute. I just remember being disappointed as hell when it came out.

    KRS’s “I train like choo choo” line is cringe-worthy, though. WACK!

    Aside from that, I’m saying.. that Premiere Salve beat is just not up to Preme’s standards. It’s not a bad beat. But it’s definitely mundane.

  • Comment from ib2quik2c

    Preem said that the “5%” joint was originally made for Rakim when he was signed with Aftermath.

  • Comment from TempoClash

    huge primo fan…my favourite hip hop producer ever. But no beat Primo made this year made me go NUTS!

    I know its not primo’s style to change up too much but i just want to hear something a little different from my favourite producer. I hate to say it and as I said Im a HUGE fan but Im getting a bit bored of the same style.

    I will continue to support him and what he does but I would love to hear Primo push the boundary a little now and again – just try it. We know how abstract he is with his sampling (birds tweeting, the sound of a high heeled show against the floor) but Id love to hear Primo produce with live musicians (not just a bass player) before I die – imagine Preem with a string quartet at his fingertips

  • Comment from AMAru

    hmm I can’t see why so many people label the soulkast beat as “average”…
    if this would be the average sound of a hip hop beat these days, hip hop would be just fine to me. except for the left’s “gas mask”, I haven’t heard any production that could keep up with this record.
    there are 3 things that immediatly pop in my head as soon as the beat drops:
    1. it’s classic boom bap hip hop
    2. it’s new york
    and 3., which summarizes the 2 above mentioned points,: it’s dj premier!
    to me the sample is crazy, there are so many different sounds that really amaze me, plus the drums are perfect, and no need to talk about the cuts…
    and @ TempoClash: I see your point, but do you really think premo hast the time to compose beats with real musicians, or even a string quartet?? you know how much effort and time you have to put in to work with an actual band, not to mention an orchestra? sure this would be dope, but I’m satisfied with preem’s work since no more mr. nice guy, and I’m glad he’s stickin to his sound and deliverin, IMHO, that heat despite his tight schedule…

  • Comment from DJ GuttahMastah D

    AMAru, I’m not sayin the soulkast beat is average, I just don’t think it should be number ONE.

    I have a very specific kind of taste for Premo beats. I like those gutter, dark, raw far east beats that come from Premo. Look at my name for crying out loud haha

    That soulkast joint was dope, but it just wasn’t gutter enough for me. Especially for a hard ass rapper like that, he should’ve give him one of those “legendary pt. 1” beats or like “speak ya clout”. Like ya see what I’m sayin?

    Still a dope beat though, and I respect those who voted for it.

  • Comment from Billyjoe

    “Premiere Salve” is the best DJ Premier beat but got the worst emcee of 2010!

  • Comment from AMAru

    @ DJ GuttahMastah D
    yeah I got ur point, and this wasn’t even addressed to you, I’ve read comments by several people that the beat is average and so on, so I just wanted to know why some see it as an average, this wasn’t my no.1 neither (imo project boy takes it), but to call it average is cloudy to me…

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