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Talib Kweli’s Pepsi Max Edit of RhymeReel with Nick Javas


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8 Responses to “Talib Kweli’s Pepsi Max Edit of RhymeReel with Nick Javas”

  • Comment from AMAru

    so cool that talent is being recognized, imagine nick and kweli on an actual track with preem on the boards??? cmon this would be insane!!!!

  • Comment from yoyo


  • Comment from Dick B.

    Who’d a thonk it! It’s going mainstream! Good for you Javas now time to release an album.

  • Comment from OnlyPureMusic

    that beat is dope…. and it’s a spanish sample too.

  • Comment from Resistencia

    This beats sample is from a balada named… AARGH!! I can’t get it out of my mouth, I’m singing the lyrics in my mind but can’t get a chorus yet! I’ll have to as an O.G.

  • Comment from Resistencia

    Leo Dan – Tu Me Pides Que Te Olvide… Yeah that’s where that sample comes from! Baladas, Boleros are a beat makers gold mine! I’ve sampled madd sh*t from Leo Dan, Juan Bau, Los Angeles Negros, Leonardo Favio, The list goes on! I grew up on this music! Great video! Good job on the beat Premo!

  • Comment from OnlyPureMusic

    hah. you beat me to it Resistencia…. i grew up to this music too…. i played the Talib Kweli song and she was like “ohhhhh i know this… its from the 60’s … its either Leo Dan or Leonardo Fabio.”

    i got my good ear from my mom. she would play her joints saturday mornings.

  • Comment from Resistencia

    Same here, I remember this music with the smell of Mistolin! Peep the track from Leo Dan called “Tu Llegaste Cuando Menos Te Esperaba”. My 5yr old daughter been love that song since she was 3! This music gotta be passed on to the babies even tho’ we stay listening to MF DOOM & ONYX!

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