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DJ Premier: Through The Test Of Time Article

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This article is so dope i’m not even going to copypaste it here, check it out on them site please! Props to the author…

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2 Responses to “DJ Premier: Through The Test Of Time Article”

  • Comment from Oldman

    Thanks for this!

    Damn, can I please have Premo´s Email too to send him beats? Please?

    And the tour with Rage against the machine: How dope must have been that? I would kill to see that happen again!

  • Comment from DJ Lord Ron

    Respects to DJ Premier,

    Good insight re interview. Guru told me his Born Day is on the 17th of July. All the best to DJ Premier and his NOW/Future endeavors. This brotha is still bringing it with his talents plus his vast knowledge of music/life, not just hip hop culture.

    DJ Lord Ron

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