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OnSmash Interview with MoSS

Dope interview with Works of Mart signed producer MoSS. For those who don’t know yet, Works of Mart is Preems label to sign producers. For now, only Gemcrates and MoSS are signed. Now you learn Canadian dude MoSS a lil better!

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10 Responses to “OnSmash Interview with MoSS”

  • Comment from Hot Line 666

    But…just a comment.
    Listen… People ARE sampling mp3,YES.

    Alchemist, sampled mp3, boi 1da sample mp3, 9th wonder, everybody!

    People are using logic, fl studio, cool edit, reason, cuebase, ambleton, WAVES.

    Programing beats with the mouse or evend ASIO/CORE driver typing in the laptop keyboard.

    There is no religion that says you have to use the fucking dinossaur mpc and whatever.

  • Comment from reakshun

    why the fuck did you mention they are white ?? we don’t give a fuck about that, i aint gon judge em by the color of their skin but by the dopeness of their work

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @reakshun, because i like to give it up to the haters. meanwhile you totally missed the main subject of the post… shame on you boy :).

  • Comment from zak

    Why did he say he doesn’t use serato? I clearly saw a serato box on the counter next to the 1210. suspect

  • Comment from miki

    he is half polish also,just to mention:)

  • Comment from Hot Line 666

    The “I dont’t use serato and i dont’t use mp3” fake purist religion.
    So you better do not mix on logic not even on pro tools.

    Ppl don’t get money in the game want’s to create a religion.

    Just blaze even use everything is on his mood.


    Preemo still on mpc cos he got no time to learn another technologies as long as the way he is doing still works.
    But upgrades that he really needed, he had to do. Serato and Pro tools.

    FUCK color of skin, fuck RACE @miki, Fuck the Country Fuck religion, Fuck Tools he use. Fuck it all..

    What realy matter is the Fucking music!!!!!!

    Respect the 2011.

  • Comment from miki

    we can fuck everything-i just said that bcause im Polish too and im proud:)
    and hell yeah fuck tools-like preem said in an interview-for the many years of carrying cases of lp’s, hurting his back, having trouble going through customs, having the cases lost on airports while switching planes-Serato is a relief and a token of appreciation…

  • Comment from Phil

    The “separation” loss in MP3’s is sooo overrated. MoSS is a dope producer tho, kinda left field but very talented.

  • Comment from BonnieKRAMER

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  • Comment from Curt McGirt

    I fux wit vinyl. Thats what I love and thats what I will use. There is nothing like digging for wax and throwing them joints on and vibing to it. The icing on the cake is being able to sample it and making some shit wit the vinyl. I wont hate on the cats that download mp3’s and do what they do, I just dont respect it period.

    Why? simply because If I took a road trip to the middle of ‘where in the fuck’ to find records; and in the same token some cat just downloaded the same track in they draws online? Naw homie. You gots ta get ya fingers DUSTY!

    I cant fiqure why mufuckas get all tight in the chest when they feel they are being attacked for using (insert here) for they beats. Whatever works for you at the end of the day is what it is.

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