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Lady of Rage upcoming album “Verbal Abuse” is 95% fixed by DJ Premier

The Lady Of Rage is late for the interview. She’s late for the interview for good reason though – she was in the hair salon having her hair done. When she does arrive we discuss her brand new album “Verbal Abuse” scheduled for a summer 2011 release, production handled 95% by the master DJ Premier, as well as taking a heart-felt look at her career including her time at Death Row Records, her relationship with Suge Knight and Dr Dre and her contribution to the book “How To Rap: The Art and Science of the Hip-Hop MC. Check:


This sounds like one of Preems hardest working years? Who’s next? Too bad we don’t see the albums on time though :D. But I accepted it lmao.

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4 Responses to “Lady of Rage upcoming album “Verbal Abuse” is 95% fixed by DJ Premier”

  • Comment from KeithO

    Damn, that will be so ill if it is released, Rage is one of the hardest spitters and I think her on the Primo beat for Unfukwitable is one of my top 5 Primo tracks, she tears up it completely

    Also, that How To Rap book is really dope, I got that a while back, great read

  • Comment from Clint Dogg

    Got everythiong RAGE has ever released. Love her Music and will buy this as well.

  • This was dope, thanks.

    So I guess the very first song Rage rapped on was Snoop Doggy Dog’s “It’s On” from 1991/92… It was sort of a remix or alternate version of “Deep Cover” I guess. Here’s that song… – Hopefully someday it’ll get released properly.

  • Comment from John D

    No actually she was a member of the LA Posse back in the late 80’s,1988-1990.I got the album some where but that was the worlds intro to Rage before Deathrow!

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