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Pete Rock Can’t Wait To Beat DJ Premier On Upcoming Collabo Album

Pete Rock joins us for a superb feature-length interview exploring the making of his new projects with DJ Premier, Smif N Wessun and Camp Lo, plus his forthcoming aspirations to work with Eminem, his contribution to Kayne and Jay Z’s album, as well as a track called ‘The Joy’ which didn’t make Kayne’s album and his desire to be part of The Four Horsemen project. We take time to hear the amazing creative process behind his forthcoming on wax battle with DJ Premier, with neither producer hearing what each other has contributed to the album until it is pressed. As focused and heart-warming as you would expect form such a legendary pioneer, Pete Rock also discusses how many beat she has submitted to Shady Records, his future work with the recently-released Prodigy, the reason for his initial dislike for Kayne West, being disillusioned by the direction hip hop took in the late 90s and the prospect of a new Pete Rock & CL Smooth album. A true classic. Check:


I can’t wait to have my own opinion on who won!! But I know I will have to wait!! 😀

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11 Responses to “Pete Rock Can’t Wait To Beat DJ Premier On Upcoming Collabo Album”

  • Comment from mick

    sorry pete you have no chance , your beats have been average since 95

  • Comment from AMAru

    @ mick:
    so in ur opinion “soul survivor” is average??!! wow..
    can’t wait 4 the album

  • Comment from mick is a dumb fuck

    how long have youve been listening to hiphop son? you are probably some white boy who has been down for a few minutes. you have no idea about pete rock

  • Comment from mick

    i have been listening to hip hop since the show and go see the doctor in 85

  • Comment from who shot john

    I would not say Pete has been average since 95 but there has been a significant change in his sound since he transitioned from the SP to the mpc. Whether that is good or bad is possibly debatable. I find that his Sp1200 beats are amazingly creative layering multiple samples from different sources…it’s crazy. The MPC Pete Rock seems to be more laid back and simplistic. You can tell he bangs beats out faster with the MPC. Does not make it bad, maybe more efficient…….No matter how you swing it, he’s one of the best to ever do it.


  • Comment from jj

    If i don’t like a certain style of beats, than i just ignore it. there is so much other music out there which you can listen to, but don’t make any disrespectful oppions about a persons work you never understand. get your shit straight. so many fagz out there who doesn’t even understand 1% of the culture. fucc ya. your life is just straight boring to the fullest. you need to bash other people to feel good.

  • Comment from DJ Guttah a.k.a. the GuttahMastah

    Pete Rock hasnt been nearly as consistent as DJ Premier has…but Pete Rock is still a beast. I love his funky/jazzy beats with at “droned” sound. Its classic.

    im going to wait until the album comes out before making any judgements.

  • Comment from Sinosure

    Well, in spite of the comments, both always bring it to me, IMHO anyways! And yes, Pete’s style HAS changed since the SP to MPC, still though, that takes NOTHING from this brother!! I don’t know how you really feel about it Mick, but Pete said he was gonna get in Premo’s ass, lol, so we’ll see, lol!!! I love them both, as they are in my top three of favorite producers & Large Pro being the third. You may beg to differ, but that’s MY list!! Anyways, this has the $15, $17, or whatever it is plus shipping set aside on my bank card for purchase, NO QUESTION!! And goes for any/all forthcoming production/artist ventures coming of this caliber! Maybe, just maybe if things go right, we’ll get that Pete Rock/CL Smooth reunion album….. I’MA LEAVE WITH THIS…. TAKE NOTE… Premo, Pete, Large Pro, Hi-Tek, Rza, etc., ALL OF YOU MAIN UNDERGROUND HIP HOP PRODUCERS, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE…. I don’t know if Premo’s site is “trolled” by ANY OF YOU, but please, death has stolen many of our beloved rap artists & producers at an early age as you know. If at all possible, COME TOGETHER AS PETE TALKED IN THIS INTERVIEW & MAKE FOR YOU & YOUR FANS THOSE CLASSIC ALBUMS WE ALL ARE DESERVING OF!!! Death waits for NO MAN!!! Any beefs, KILL THEM!! Bring this music; great producers, collab with those great artists, let’s take down the barriers & be REAL ABOUT THIS!!! Like Pete mentioned about working with Nas…. Why hasn’t this happened IN ALMOST 20 YEARS??? It MUST!!! This & ANY OTHER GROUPS, ARTISTS, & PRODUCERS need to come together & bring these CLASSICS before death comes to take YOU BEFORE IT CAN HAPPEN!!! I’m asking that you all do this for the love of hip hop as we all claim, PLEASE DO THIS!!! Thank you all for what you HAVE DONE, God bless, & MAKE IT HAPPEN, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!

  • Comment from mick

    wow people are easy offended , i love pete rock , his beats from the early 90’s to the mid 90’s were
    amazing. i just think most of his beats since then have been average , he has had some good ones (hold that , da two , bumpy knuckle baby) but back in the day 95% of his beats were banging. premo on the other hand continues to bring out amazing tracks all the way since 89. if you look at the great producers in the 90’s all of them are not early as good as they were. (rza , pete rock , large pro , q tip , buckwild , showbiz , spinna , havoc) but premo still brings it , but thats why he is the best ever. cheers mick reping hip hop since 85.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    @mick your still a fool for saying that sh*t

    Soul Survivor was a banger all the way through and Petestrumentals and even NY’s Finest has some bangers

  • Comment from omar


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