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SebastiAn – Embody (DJ Premier 95BPM Break Remix) CDQ

LMAO. Enjoy this one folks:


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18 Responses to “SebastiAn – Embody (DJ Premier 95BPM Break Remix) CDQ”

  • Comment from IN

    would be doper if he was kissing Premo

  • Comment from yoyo


  • SICK to see primo crossing into sounds that nobody would have even imagined a few years back! I heard this on facebook the other day. Way tighter than the original (although you *gotta* peep the music video).

  • Comment from Killa Hill

    Did DJ Premier programmed all the keys or is all that sampled?
    Cos it sounds good, is like a Mainstream preem shit, without being Dirty Southy eeheheh

  • Comment from Six

    Cooold bloooooded… XD

  • Comment from Dick B.

    That is gay

  • Comment from mr.murph

    why is there a pic of 2 dudes kissing on here wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment from SIC


  • Comment from wack

    gay song, gay beat, gay collabo.


  • Comment from kam

    yoyoyoyo the fuck is up with this pic??? i don’t wanna see that on a premo blog!!

  • Comment from Bronx Steele

    Two dudes kissing on a Preemo blog is already giving me a hard on. I’m gonna cum!!!!!

  • Comment from McBers

    he’s lost me,was all the sample sounds demo sounds or did he create them. have to have a closer look at the tracks

  • Comment from T.R.

    I don’t know if this picutre is actually gay, I think it’s photoshopped, cause it looks like he is kissing himself.
    Nevertheless it looks gay as fuck!

  • Comment from jj

    til this day i loved every premo remix song whateva

    this is the first time i made an ugly face, becuase of the shitty voices and the fact that premo did this. not a bad beat but come on.

  • Comment from JOSE

    Ugliest shit i’ve seen in years. 2 homos kissin’ … over a Preemo remix 🙁

  • Comment from fuck y'all

    you’re all so stupid and closed-minded.

    that picture is sebastiAn kissing himself. it’s photoshopped.
    and there isn’t anything wrong with that anyway. get over it.

    but anyhow, much love to sebastiAn, he’s brilliant and this song is addictive.

  • Comment from BSK

    It looks gay??like they said upper it’s him kissing himself,and even if it was 2 guys kissing each others what the f is the problem???does it have something to do with music??what is exactly the problem beetween most of hip-hop guys and gay people?did u guys have been raped by the village people??No?why does it makes u mad then,u shouldn’t give a me it sounds like you’re not that sure to be straight and be freakin out that somebody could find out so ure actin homophobic,’s like all those haters talkin bout mr.cee..Who cares??is he less talented now he’s officially homo??he’s still the same guy,he was already gay before we knew….you have to figure out how and who a guy’s fuckin to know if his music sounds good?…Then u don’t know nothing about it (and u’r probably the gay one,why would you imagin other men fuckin if not lil faggot?)

    “Ugliest shit i’ve seen in years. 2 homos kissin’ … over a Preemo remix”

    Man if that’s the ugliest shit you’ve seen then you’ve been livin in a cave without tv and going out for years……

  • Comment from Juan

    guys, are you blind? is the same guy kissing his “copy”, obviously this is photoshopped, is just an artistic photo

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