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Blaq Poet Is Back With A New Album “Blaq Poet Society” In 5 Years

Because DJ Premier always told us “The Blaqprint” was a pre album prior to the since 2006 announced album “The Best That Never Dunn It” fully produced by DJ Premier. It seems like we won’t see that very soon so Blaq Poet decided to release something different. “Blaq Poet Society” out on June 21th through Brick Records. I love Blaq Poet, do you guys want me to post further tracks of him or not? Because it isn’t really Premo related anymore… it’s up to you. Also shout out to Stu Bangas.

Also: Edo G & DJ Premier Reunite On “A Face In The Crowd” Album On May 17

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19 Responses to “Blaq Poet Is Back With A New Album “Blaq Poet Society” In 5 Years”

  • Comment from claaa7

    thanks for the info on this project, i will definitely check out this. been a fan of Poet since the Screwball days and will continue to be so wether or not he’s working with Preem altho i would’ve prefered he did. personally i would like to see you post more tracks by Blaq Poet, altho it’s understandable if you wouldn’t. peace

  • Comment from yoyo

    In 5 years? What do you mean??

    and a question I’ve always wondered about.. why did Poet get dropped from Year Round?

  • Comment from J

    I appreciate any real hip-hop you post here. But maybe I’m just being greedy. LoL

  • Comment from golddigger

    it would be really appreciated if you keep me (us) updated on Blaq Poet…

  • Comment from jim yatteau

    Hell yeah post so blaq poet hes the hardest out in the game right now.I love prem but if we wait for his material to drop i be a grandfather by then

  • Comment from cardan

    no doubt, up the Poet joints

  • Comment from Dan Bernardic

    Yeah G, for sure. Let us know. I am certainly a big fan of Blaq Poet.

    “I’m mentally unfit…but who gives a shit?!”

  • Comment from Wiktor

    he is still around primo type flavor beats, so yeah

  • Comment from rollo

    more poet!

    forever screwball

  • Comment from kam

    i’m quiet sad poet ain’t runnin wit preemo no more, from deja screw to blaqprint, their combo sounded classic to me…anyway preemo gots us lookin like fools right now, cmon man lets release all that heat he be talkin about for months: finest blaq po LP, beats that collected dust 2, nygz album…no more words, just release the shit we be waitin for, personally i start gettin really tired of that “coming soon” shit

  • Comment from Rick James

    Wusup Preem!!! Anything you think is hot should be posted. at least in a small box on the side. or a list of recommendations would be dope. But whats with the two beatles making out below? ew.

  • Comment from jaymaican

    sorry for you po’ you ‘ll disappear !!! he’s a 20 year rap veteran but he can can wait month for a primo album ?? reminder : 1 album of gangstarr every 4 years ; 9 albums of jim jones in 3 years , quality and quantity are not best friends . primo respect his public : he’s always touring in foreign countries , how could he work correctly on his different projects ??? just wait !!!! i’ve wait for moment of truth for 1 year but i’ll listen to it till I die …

  • Comment from BB

    @Rick James Preem doesn’t run or post on this blog, the posts are done by gimantalon

  • Comment from McBers

    long time overdue, where has this guy been, one album every 5 years, come on guys give us some more.

  • Comment from Bigdaddy

    Ok first, of course we want to hear more Blaq poet shit!! He’s one of the best.
    To Jaymaican : it’s precisely because he’s a rap veteran that he can’t wait no more !he have a pretty good “buzz” since tha blaqprint So he must jump in and do some more crazy stuff with or without Preem.
    About Preem, i saw him the other day in Poitiers (FR), it was really great to see him do a 2Hour set (w Nick javas during 20min) but i would love to see him on tour with Blaq po, NYG’Z (Where is their album?) and Nick doing some new joints !!
    So keep blasting that blaq poet shit cuz he deserve it !!
    excuse my french and goodbye from the land of Cognac.

  • Comment from DedsOne

    Poet wit preem or not pls keep us up too date wit what he rlses anyway ………………PZzzzzz

  • Comment from CrateDigga78

    I think you should continue with Blaq Poet posts, he did drop an album on Year Round after all and some great guest spots on Premier remixes like that Vigilantes one.

  • Comment from Badlands

    This album looks crazy..keep us up to date on it please!

  • Comment from shado

    Poet goes hard, keep us informed

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