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Bushido – Gangster CDQ

New track from a German artist Bushido, produced by DJ Premier!
From his new album “Jenseits von Gut und Böse”. In stores tomorrow!

TRACK HAS BEEN DELETED ON REQUEST, buy the album if you want to hear it (or listen to the snippets on itunes).

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76 Responses to “Bushido – Gangster CDQ”

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    Sick beat! Simple but still good. The scratches are the best part of the track

  • Comment from Breeze


  • Comment from svc

    oh man, what a wack shit…. why do u waste ur beatz with that stupid hypokrite faker….tzzz

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Tight beat. Instrumental available Gim?

  • Comment from Manuel

    well, based on premo’s cuts, I guess that this beat wasn’t made for bushido in the first place, though… I think there would be at least one bushido line in it, if it was.

  • Comment from seyo

    dope shit. bushido = best german rapper

  • Comment from seyo

    @Manuel it was made for bushido. they were in studio together, and premo did the beat. bushido said it in an interview !

  • Comment from PeterPan


    No the beat was especially made for bushido…or at least thats what he states in a german interview on Hearing Premo cut up some german lines would be funny though.

  • Comment from Santini

    LOL – the first MC who still sounds wack even on a Preem Beat! I’m happy with that – svc’s comment is very true! Preems work still nice as always… Peace from Cologne

  • Comment from park ave

    SOOO WACK…..C.R.E.A.M tzzzzzz

  • Comment from StunnaBoi

    Luda would murk this beat! Bushido sucks!

  • Comment from Mr. Big

    c.r.e.a.m………thats the truth, ruth!!!!!! still love preem…..but whens things are foul….they are foul..!!!!

  • Comment from Mr. Big

    ohh yeah, forgot to say….he ain’t gangsta!!!! he supa rich…got new fake teeth, make him smile like a b”&%/”……in german talkshows…….adapting like a person without personality!!!!!!!

  • Comment from Manuel

    yeah, I know he said it, I’ve seen the interview, too. but still, imagine premo using german lines for the cuts – I think the track would have sounded way more complete. I can’t believe, that neither premo nor bushido had such a thought at some point during the process…

  • Comment from doin

    ahhh german haters around… crazy

  • Comment from Bronx Steele

    Holy shit this track is madd hype. I was just ready to bash Preemo for the production holdup.

  • Comment from hahahahah @premo

    ??????? premo ??????
    are you a stupid motherfuccer ?

    bushido is a bitch here in germany ……the loser of rap
    and a child-groupie-fucker.


  • Comment from supreemo

    Lazy, wack and utter shit. Beat is nothing special, cuts are vintage to make you like, cause who doesnt like premo? and the raps arent convincing, this sounds like something put together for the sake of it. it has premier on board, so it will sell. This insults rap fanatics in general. Premier is going downhill fast with all his crap he is pulling the last few years. The EDO track was a stroke of Genius, but this is just utter wack shit. But again, i will get shitted on by all the premo dickriding fanboys for critisizing their GOD. Well if the god cares, then why does put out this fake shit. Both artists should be ashamed of themselves. They should.

  • Comment from illerfiller

    @manuel: what do u think how many german rapvinyls they got in the d&d studios?!


  • Comment from AMAru

    @ Dick B. :
    the bonus disc is an instrumental version of the album, so yes .. 🙂
    the first rapper that doesn’t sound any better, even on a premo beat, which is very dope imo, the cuts are crazy as well..

  • Comment from danny

    iam from germany and i say you that bushido is the biggest pussy rapper and he sounds like shit.

  • Comment from Paul

    Haha…the best joke of the year.
    Do you really need the money? You are one those, that always stand for real hip hop.

    Bushido is the fucking opposite, he destroyed hip hop in germany, is ridiculous and stupid as hell. No real hip hop head would ever listen to him…just some wasted kids with no brains.

    This are sad news…

  • Comment from Manuel

    @illerfiller: welcome to 2011.
    and thx for your kind words…

  • Comment from FubiZz

    beat decent, bushido’s verses suck and what’s the hype bout the cuts? they decent as well, seriously.

    and what the fuck is Bushido talkin bout? Homage to eastcoast, DITC etc… lol, he’s doin wack pop music all day so stop talking shit, german headz know that he does not belong to underground hip hop. Honestly, Bushido has nothing to say on this track, i could write his lyrics in 2 minutes easily. If you can get a beat from Preemo you have to sit down one week and come up with nothing but fire. Pity that this fool got the chance on a preemo beat cause we really have a lot of talented rappers who do real music.

    The only reason this collabo came to happen is DJ Desue! He knows all the underground producers in the states and got Bushido in contact with Premier. Premier himself for a 100% has no idea whom he gave a beat, he just trusted in desue’s words.

    All in all: Thankfully this fool didn’t get Preemo’s best.

  • Comment from Lover

    Premo, don’t believe the haters. It’s a sick beat with sick rap. Great shit. And that from someone who doesn’t even like Bushido.

    Greetz from Germany.

  • Comment from haterz

    rofl german haters creep out of their kellers

    sorry premo, but the beat is nothing special compared to your former masterpieces indeed

  • Comment from Azad

    Bushido is good but azad is the best

    dreht durch ihr upgefuckten army´s

  • Comment from sorry

    what a shitty rap! premo, this is german sell-out!

  • Comment from sickness

    So viele leute die viel mist quatschen,wenn das geld stimmt stimmts,damit kaufts du dir jeden.Egal ob bushido oder 2pac,
    Am ende des Tages kommts drauf an ob den beiden künstlern das produkt gefällt und nicht was die masse zu diesem song sagt.Premier&Sonny scheissen sowieso auf dieses hater gesocks.

    Deswegen keep it killin.
    Rap From East to tha West.

    No time For Haters.German People are Stupid Peoples,The German Rap is 1885.The Real Rap is 1990′-1999 .

  • Comment from el presidente

    Haha so much german h8erkids in here. “Bushido is rich, he ain’t gangsta” – cmon, and Fifty is poor nowerdays? Doesn’t matter anyways, dope track, and i’m not a Bushido fan myself 🙂 Greetz

  • Comment from AMAru


    “it has premier on board, so it will sell”.. this is complete bullshit, he didn’t ask premo for a beat because of commercial interest, because I guess NO bushido fan will like this song cuz it’s too hip hop, despite the fact they don’t even kno who premier is.. matter of fact, people told him not to link up with preem cuz they knew it wouldn’t help him to sell, but he wanted to have it so what’s the problem..the track he did with swizz beatz, THAT is because of commercial interest, he bought a premo beat cuz he’s been a fan for ages, so let’s just respect that it was his dream to spit on one of his beats..
    you definitely right his raps are pure garbage tho, he has no clue how to flow and ride to this beat, a total waste..

  • Comment from ohmy


  • Comment from Bad

    Bushido is a fucking Bitch. He can not rap and only small children listen in Germany Bushido. His best time was between 2001-2003

  • Comment from Mary-Lou

    Premo, with all Respect. But that was a big Mistake to Work with him. Bushido ist the wackest Rapper in Germany. Only the stupid Kids love him and buy his Album. He then spoke in an Interview quite Bad about you. He has said that your Studio is extremely messy and that the Waste from “Show & AG” and “D.I.T.C.” is still there. He found it extremely sucks that you had no Beats there. In comparison to your Studio and the Studio of Swizz Beatz, he believes that you are at the Bottom and Swizz on the Top. He said that your Scratches suck’s, and the very worst: he has insulted you as a huge Fatso.

    You can read all this here:
    (Simply copy the Text and paste in google.translater!)

    I’m really sorry that I wrote them all. But I will show you what an Asshole Bushiso is and he has no Respect!

    Sorry, I respect you very much. But I had to show you this, because I was so shocked and sad.

    Greetings: Mary-Lou.

  • Comment from AMAru

    for all those who wanna hear the instrumental version…

    peace and enjoy

  • Comment from O.G.

    Bushido SUCKS!

    But nice Beat ;]

    Peace & keep it real!

  • Comment from nitefite

    This is the best song I’ve ever heard! You two are just Hip-Hop genuises!

  • Comment from krudanze

    first rytmus, now bushido. what a waste of beautiful beats.

  • Comment from LG ROC

    Aerosmith, Walk this way! Got me ???

  • Comment from Moe

    got nothing to add to what fubizz wrote. absolutely co-sign!


  • Comment from lilD

    I´m from german and i know many songs of Bushido. This track is great and i like it. I hope the hole album sounds good. I like the beat, too.

  • Comment from Judgmatik Zen

    Bushido??? Fake Ass Rapper:) Bushido paid money! No Doubt:)
    Preemo’s beet always Kool!

  • Comment from AMAru

    Mary-Lou what the fuck is wrong with you???
    you’re just hatin and tryin to make bushido look bad.. he didn’t diss premo AT ALL.. any rapper says that d&d is messy, dirty etc, but that’s its trademark!! furthermore he found it dope that all these vinyls where lyin all around..
    matter of fact he adores premier and says that he’s a legend and he did it for himself..
    just the fact that you say “go to google translator and check it out” shows that you’re an ignorant moron.. he didn’t say that his scratches suck, he said “i always wanted to know what it feels like to work with premier, rap on his beat and hear his fuckin scratches”.. see, “fuckin” does not mean that they suck, it’s like when you say “the track is disgusting” or “ridiculous”, but it implies a positive meaning..
    oh and where did you read the part “he says swizz is at the top and you are at the bottom”.. you fool, he just meant that premo is underground and old school (which was actually part of the question..) and that swizz is just the total opposite.. get the fuck outta here with your ignorance, you probably ain’t even german and think that you’re so smart to use google translator, which is soooooo accurate.. fuckin joke, stop hatin you idiot

  • Comment from Funky

    If i´m honest, i was expecting something more forward and crazy. Let’s judge it with a dope acapella, let’s hope a 12″ ever appears 😉

    I’d like to hear the other beat, the one wich Bushido dismissed at the studio, that one was the real burner i guess 😀

  • Comment from Mary-Lou

    I’m not hating, these are facts! You can read it all in the Interview on
    Bushido has no respect. He spoke very badly about Premo and that’s not right.

  • Comment from Frank

    Oh my .. all the german heads are coming for a visit and fucking with their own compatriot .. what a vile world

    Things already did happen so shut it with your trash talk and all the hate ..

  • Comment from jj

    iam not a bushido fan, but this song is ok

    but i know that bushido is extremely averagen, *nothingmorenothingless*

  • Comment from AMAru

    I’ve read the interview and it’s complete nonsense what you said, the only thing that you were right about was that he called him fat, but besides that you just interpret too many negative things in his statements.. he sayin more than once that he’s a die hard premo fan (he says that he was disappointed that it was that dirty and underground, but that’s because premo is to him one of the most popular and significant artists in hip hop, so where’s the diss???)..
    and I don’t even like bushido, but spreadin false info ain’t correct.. those who don’t know german will believe you and have an even more negative impression of him

  • Comment from hahahahah @premo

    common premier 🙁 why do you give bushido a beat ?????

    bushido is a fucking whack rapper

  • Comment from Mary-Lou

    Complete nonsense? Are you kidding me? Sorry, but I’m just saying the Truth!
    And here are a few small examples:

  • Comment from AMAru

    oh my god this is gettin ridiculous…
    why don’t you “translate” the following/previous sentences as well??? what are you a journalist, pickin loose sentences and makin a judgement?? get the fuck outta here he’s statin how dope premo is and such throughout the whole interview, and you don’t need to post your shitty google translations, half of em ain’t translated properly, and I speak german so I know what the main meaning behind his statements is about, you obviously don’t..

  • Comment from Yo

    bushido is the german version of the american lil wayne

    in other words

    he is the pretty wack!

  • Comment from Schnebbär

    Why dont you give this beat to Justin Bieber?? he would really Kill this shit!

  • Comment from bla

    i am from germany and i can tell you, nobody here respects bushido. he is a typical fake chart rapper created to sell cds to kids.

  • Comment from Mary-Lou

    @AMAru: I suppose, you’re the Manager or a very good Friend of Bushido. You try to protect him. Sorry, but no Chance! I’m just saying the Truth and I did only exactly translate, what did he say in the Interview. No more, No less!

    He has spoken bad and disrespectful to Premo. That’s not okay.

  • Comment from Günter Willers

    oh no primo…
    germany is not amused. all 4 the cash???
    my heart is broken…

    so it´s official…primo is just one of…
    ah sh.t enough..

  • Comment from Siggo

    Stop hating this track is killer.

  • Comment from HOL

    look at this “””real mc””” bushido -.-


  • Comment from Maza

    damn.. i saw the pictures @mary-lou.
    he is talking about preem judge the best vocals sessions_??
    i mean.. preem is a producer! he has to do that!
    why this bitch ass bushido is dissing preem for that??
    arrogant ignorant….

    producer is way on top of the rapper…
    a beatmaker is not….

    fuck this bushido, i cant wait for the instrumental.. fuck him. uhhg..

  • Comment from Attention

    Even though Bushido glorifies stealing material goods from other people, he doesn’t tolerate copyright infringement. Thus, you should better prepare for a lawsuit, if you do not delete this post immediately.

    Please note that this is not a threat. I’m just trying to help you.

    Kind regards from Germany!

  • Comment from boombapaddict

    you totally picked the wrong german mc to work with 🙁

  • Comment from SShigh

    like the brother before me said

    bushido is the whackest rapper alive

    sorry preem, i never thought that i would say that, but this was a BIG FAIL !!!

  • Comment from jj

    ahhahaahhhahhahahahahaha what a joke this is….

    bushido team is trying now to take off all audio streams on youtube and on this blog. why?? ahhahaah because ya some money hungry faggots?

    premo…do you see how they work? they don’t even want to share your work on a very well knwon premier blog? isnt this something wack?

    iam ouda here…trash ass bushido only think for the cash.

  • Wow, this Bushido clown looks like a straight German FAGGIT!!!!!!!!! Why the FUCK did DJ Premier agree to work with that assface??? And you gotta love the comments from people in Germany. hahaha YOU PEOPLE ARE A FUCKIN JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • And for the record, the German people I’m talkin about are the clowns who are on Bushido’s nuts.

    And I just watched a few Bushido YouTube clips and WOW, he really is a straight faggit. I’m actually kinda disappointed that Preem worked with this lame fAG.

  • Comment from AMAru

    @ Mary-Lou:
    hahaha im neither a friend nor a manager, i dont even like him as i already stated, but you just quote some sentences taken outta the context and it immediately has a totally different meaning.. seriously, read the whole interview, watch an interview in which he’s talkin about the same topic, he is a fan of premier, and you can hear it.. where is he being disrespectful??? ok he said he’s fat, imma give you that, but that aint even that bad to me, and besides that, is the fact that he said headqcourterz is dirty a diss?? remember he’s not the first rapper to say that, so basically half of hip hop must’ve been dissin preem and his studio.. fuckin ridiculous, as much as i hate bushido as a person, im not seein anythin bad about this interview..

  • Comment from beotr

    best german rapper alive = bushido

  • Comment from SonnyKingBlack

    at first: i come from germany, sorry for my english :)…and i like bushido and i´m listening his songs for years….

    Maybe thats not the american hiphop style you know but the german hiphop especially bushido is very very good and interesting if you understood what he rapps about….
    and i mean he is a millionaire and he has the money to pay someone like premo or arabmuzik or swizzz beatz (they have all produced a beat for his album, too)….

    in the last 6 years he´s become to one of germans best rapper and still up to date…
    i dont know how i can describe him, but he´s a “Gangster Rapper” in germany….so dont talk shit like faggot or something….

  • Comment from HOL

    bushido… another “banger” of him -.-

    premo, if u wanna do a fresh german collab, try to connect u with retrogott from cologne.

    one of the dopest, 100% real

  • Comment from Don

    oh no…. bushido is so so so lame…. what a big fail preemo. you too are only doing it for the money…

  • Comment from simon_says

    oh no, not pussydo… plz i respekt you anyone who is working on this page and almost any kind of music. but don´t give bushido a beat, he´s a faggot, everybody in germany and especialy in berlin knows that. he gets no respekt from the real headz and he has no respekt for the culture… only kids listen to him… i respekt what preem is doin, he wants to connect with other people and i´m happy, that he´s doin something with a artist from my country, but BUSHIDO??? c´mon thats like preem working with soulja boy… simply don´t match ( sry my english is not so good).

  • Comment from jj

    but let’s be serious now:
    premo can’t understand what bushido is saying and he always gotta do his thing on the production side. man he paid his dues like not all can do and beside his bushido track he got tons of other production you can enjoy.
    bushido’s track is probably his most disappointing (in context to germans who understand why) track he ever made but its his beat and bushidos track. ya can’t tell adult persons what they have to do and what not…

    life goes on

  • Comment from WordisBond

    First of all…!

    Premier is a god!

    and Bushido….he is a son of bitch!

    Guru Rest in Peace!

  • Comment from Don

    youre right jj, you cant tell e grown person what to do, but you can give him feedback for the next time.

  • Comment from GERMAN

    This is true Hip Hop Bushido goes in Germany, Switzerland and Austria on Nr 1 in the Charts.

  • Comment from weyoun

    oh no you wasted yor skills on this clown. thats pretty sad:-(
    #if you wrap dogshit in goldfoil it doesnt turn into a candybar. its still dogshit

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