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Canibus Adressing The DJ Premier Situation and Attacking The Bloggers

LMAO. I wasn’t suppose to post anything more about this Canibus/Premo situation, and the previous posts were always objective. But this right here is too good for your entertainment to pass it. The next two short fragments are from an interview done by Conspiracy Radio, it’s a 70 minute long Canibus screaming through the phone interview mostly repeating himself, I didn’t check it fully but if you want you can do it here, he’s also addressing the slaughterhouse beef that isn’t really beef but maybe a little (i really don’t know/care).

Canibus addressing this whole thing DJ Premier caused:

Canibus very upset saying it’s all the bloggers fault:

“Yo chill, man, chill!” -Biggie

What can I say?

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9 Responses to “Canibus Adressing The DJ Premier Situation and Attacking The Bloggers”

  • Comment from Lasse Bugge !!!!!!

  • Comment from D CA$H

    This shit is getting too crazy. Sooner or later some dumb-ass street dudes who think they’re riding for Bis are gonna try to hurt someone, that’s how these things always end up. Preem and Bis need to squash this shit in the name of Hip Hop.

  • Comment from Cashmere

    you got ta listen properly though canibus says him and preemo are cool if you bother to listen carefully the beef is over theyre all love again

  • Comment from Mufro

    Canibus is a dick head, that’s just a fact.

  • Comment from Well of Truth


    Bis is where he is in life because of Karma…

    You want to change your situation? Then change the dumb shit you do…

    End of story…

    PS. Bloggers are fans too…

  • Comment from Dick B.

    I didn’t he just leave it alone, everybody forgot about that sh*t like a couple months ago.

  • Comment from medici

    premo obv didn’t mean nothing by it … but if you can see it from cani’s position it was some real smug shit – to be talkin about something that old over a beat being rejected – when preemo’s had countless beats rejected by Jay-z like every album and he don’t say ‘jay’z is hard to work with’. canibus acted like a fool making that track, well, more like recording of him venting about it….but, dude was honestly hurt by it – he salutes preem at every chance and looks up to him as a legend…bis is underground dude with little budget…shit like that can hurt his career…. in my opinion, preem made it worse with that slick ‘its a recession’ bullshit and his man talking reckless… he should have just invited bis on his show….and been the bigger man and just show love to a dude that is obv been through a lot in his life…that could still happen though – and thats what i would like to see happen…and yo homeboy makin this blog – the white dude laughin graphic – is a little unnecessary breh…u live behind a computer…u don’t live check to check off making and performing hiphop; canibus does…and for the record ‘bis slayed that preemo track — golden terra of rap – better than anyone else has over the last year. officially. regardless of what your vote said on this site. that was by far the best emceeing over a preemo track i’ve heard in a minute – hook and all.

  • Comment from Ktown

    I hope this crap gets sorted out so Primo and Canibus can make more music together in the future. Golden Terra of Rap is raw as hell.

  • Comment from iffy

    Real talk medici. You should take that white guy laughing off

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