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Oyoshe – Deal With It (Feat. Blaq Poet) (Prod. by Oyoshe) Video

Me likes. Naples, home of Maradonna and garbage maffia? Me likes once again!


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5 Responses to “Oyoshe – Deal With It (Feat. Blaq Poet) (Prod. by Oyoshe) Video”

  • Comment from Rebo

    Ne sa il ragazzo, Oyoshe italian producer, 20 year old from Naple!!!!!

  • Comment from Jeff

    Please keep putting more Poet on this site. Great song!

  • Comment from cris

    wtf?! naples home of garbage mafia?!
    thousand of history and art….
    shut up and go to school

  • Comment from rob_GF

    That’s the reason for which story will never change!! People ignorance is the representation of our reality!! Think about your words dear MISTER PRODUCER! Never i can imagine this words by you!!! Napoli is our place, our reality, our mamaland… and we’re not mafia or garbage!! WE ARE NAPOLI!!!

  • Comment from LaToy

    I think many of you misunderstood his words…he’s referring to those who consider our land just ‘mafia and garbage’ and he underlines the fact that he lover our city, in spite of all that crap.

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