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DJ Premier at Classic Material, Amsterdam Clip

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8 Responses to “DJ Premier at Classic Material, Amsterdam Clip”

  • Comment from Fab 5 Eddy

    Dope! Premo knocks it down! Big S/O to the homey Deams. Gang Starr Forever!

  • Comment from Kruku

    What’s the name of the song in 05:50?

  • Comment from Maza

    AMSTERDAN WEAK !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment from Oll-Zen

    @ Kruku: It’s Common – The 6th Sense

    but what’s the sample name at 15:15 before Nas is like is starting??

  • Comment from HugoStrange

    please help, what is the song he plays second? when its like “how many real hip hop heads r in here” or watever, i know i have it, just dont know what to search in my itunes haha

  • Comment from Joelwi

    @HugoStrange KRS-One – KRS-One Attacks

  • Comment from DJ Guttah

    Whats the song that Premo plays in the beginning that he says he heard in 1971?

    That record sounds dope

    And Amsterdam needs to fucking make some noise when they are around Premo!!

    Still better than the USA though….can’t imagine how fucking wack the people here in Baltimore would be if they saw Premo…

  • Comment from Me Meatball

    That record is “KRS-One Attacks” on KRS-ONE’s 1993 “Return of the Boom Bap”. One of the greatest intro’s to any album in the history of music. Both Primo and KRS were the best in 1993 and remain on top. TY 2 both of them for reppin the culture for 20 plus years. Now wtf can say that $hit???

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