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NYGz – Last Night (Radio Rip)

New shit, newww shit. To keep the crowd hyped for their upcoming album “Hustler’s Union: Local NYG” Panchi & Shabeeno recorded a dope freestyle “Last Night” with DJ Premier that is not featured on the album. Enjoy:

“Hustler’s Union: Local NYG” fully produced by DJ Premier, coming soon…

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10 Responses to “NYGz – Last Night (Radio Rip)”

  • Comment from krudanze

    preemo beat?

  • Yeah thats a preem beat…

    This real dope joint.. Like all the old school elements to the song.. I can hear this banging in the club scene for real!!!

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Premo needs to give this album to me already.

  • Comment from Bronx Steele

    Scott La Rock had em all…he is a super hoe.

  • Comment from yoyo

    classic breakbeat

  • Comment from Blanco

    That ain’t even funny anymore – all that b.s. advertising about forthcoming albums… we all know what is suppose to come out on Year Round, but more than a half of 2011 is over and he hasn’t even released that compilation on a hard copy… My guess is there will be NO albums on Year Round this year – maybe something (NYGz) on 2012… really weak by them

  • Comment from DJ Guttah

    This is getting really old…do you remember the last time they came out with a “teaser” for this album? 2 years ago…if this album ain’t out by this summer then I’m giving up all hope.

    I’m going to have to go deeper into the underground for my music. All the old artists and DJs seem to be becoming washed up, and are having trouble with label politics.

    I don’t think Premo is ever going to loose his touch with the beats, but it seems like every time I listen to a new one, it’s more and more dull and less hard.

  • Comment from supremedominon

    Back to basics,reminds me of the good old days, best premier production in a while imo as its not the usual style but something Preem might have laced early way waaay back but still sounds FRESH, just make it a full song.

    Say old school, BDP? whatever? how NY rap sounds best imo and what’s missing in the music now, this is just rough raw bare bones funky hip hop music. NYGz got style and flavor of their own great voices this is how id want to hear an album from them.
    Very FRESH simple back n forth rhymin,
    NYGz gotta drop the album like ASAP long time waitin!

    *Daps* dropped my 2 cents this proper NY rap music.

  • Comment from netweight

    yeah, this is already past ridiculous.. I was looking forward to this album, shit, over 5 years ago. How are you gonna put the mixtape “Welcome 2 G Dom” out on vinyl and still haven’t dropped the real damn album yet? I guess they gotta get some dough flowing and I support Year Round, but drop this album already. Before everyone stops caring, which a lot already have.

  • Comment from Vandellish

    These my favorite catz right now so Premo please go ahead and put out the album. I loved the ‘Welcome 2 G-Dom’ which was really an album and not a mixtape no matter how y’all wanna slice it.
    Whatever you gotta do put out this album because these cats is like the Keiser Soze’s of this hip hop sh!t.

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