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Teflon – 4 Tha Love CDQ

We first heard this song in 2005, now we have the CDQ! From Teflon’s upcoming album “Contraband”, a new solo album since “My Will” (1997). It can’t get more hardcore, M.O.P. First Family:

Oh, this beat was rejected by Nas.

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17 Responses to “Teflon – 4 Tha Love CDQ”

  • Comment from krudanze

    so is contraband really going to happen? i already lost all my hopes. that would be fuckin amazing.

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    Such a sick beat. This didn’t specifically say produced by Premo but by the sound of it I’m just guessin it is. I hope Contraband isn’t too many songs that weve heard before…

  • This track is soooooo sick..

  • Comment from Supreemo

    Damn, First Family 4 Life!!!!!!

  • Comment from Bronx Steele

    OMG that track is HYPE!

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Dopeness. Nas sucks at picking beats.

  • Comment from Paul

    great song is there maybe a other link than hulkshare to download this mp3 ??? thank you

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    this beat is soft. Good thing Nas rejected it.

  • Comment from rollo

    Nas is retarded..that Milkshake chick drained him.

  • Comment from Cmon son

    This beat is far from soft IMO, this is a lyricists beat,giving room to flex the vocab, Tef repped lovely. Street hip-hop right here. Props on a dope joint.

  • Comment from DJ Guttah

    I agree with sirbiatch. Where have all the hard Premo beats gone.

  • Comment from D CA$H

    Tef’s one of my favourite emcees. I still drop “Gotta Get Ova” in my DJ sets all the time! Salute!

  • Comment from AmaHussla

    whether this is hard or not, the beat is dope, and tailored for lyricists.. btw since this was a joint for nas, why do you expect a “hard” beat? the only hard beat preem made for nas was “ny state of mind”, the rest of their collabs was certainly not “hard”, yet they’re considered classics..

  • Comment from DJ FADE


  • Comment from NatureRock

    DJ Premier,you are the truth!!! hey Premier….I have been a fan of your’s since the 5 Deadly Venoms,i grew up in the Bronx 157 Melrouse St. but i’m living in Philly,—is there any chance i can represent 4 The Love Of HIP HOP,4 the Bronx, 4 Brooklyn, 4 Philly & Purto Rico & of course the one & only DJ P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-Premier!!!!

    And if so,you can reach me (NICOLEENOCH@COMCAST.NET)I would Love to spit on that classic beat of your’s—Sing Like Bilal.

    On the real…I’m not lookin 4 no deal…Underground 4 Life.

  • Comment from s4b

    daaamn finally! i heard this song on a futureflavas show where premo djed and some other unreleased mop song that was fire! thank goodness this is getting a proper release

  • Comment from Tunedbeats

    This was on the bad news mixtape. It sounds like he redid his vocals.

    Fucking banger!!

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