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Justo – It’s Our Year (Prod. by DJ Vic Black) Music Video

DJ Vic Black straight from the Gang Starr Foundation! On a personal level, Vic Black = one of the coolest dudes of NYC!

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10 Responses to “Justo – It’s Our Year (Prod. by DJ Vic Black) Music Video”

  • Comment from Milky

    new member?

  • Comment from krudanze

    vic black? so i finally know who the mysterious guy is

  • Comment from Phil

    Very cool song. You can’t go wrong with that classic sample.

  • Comment from SirBiatch


    Vic Black? as in the guy who co-produced the ultra-dope “Afta Hourz” on the All City album?

  • Comment from Little

    Jeru @ 1:47?

  • Comment from rollo

    ahhhh beat digging!


  • Comment from CientifiQ

    Its ILL!

  • Comment from Frederik


  • Comment from Wesley Wayne

    “Hung Up” on the beat, Make the Salty 1’s take a seat
    Can’t front on this heat, Check my code in the style sheets
    “can’t quantify the knowledge I personify” in hi-res hi-fi I’m Hi Def.
    blessed to lead for the rest Put on this earth for this mission, now I’m taking the test get with our tribe cuz we on the quest, submit your request cuz where we headin we “accept nothin’ less than the best”… I’m your “Little Dragon” and this is just “a test” fully strapped w/ Buckshot, follow we on a journeyie cuz this is our year for Hip Hop.. . on tha real!

    Hung Up (the sample) Salt
    Guru ref.
    tribe shout
    royalty ref.
    Little Dragon “a test” shout out to new dope soulful music that is non hip hop, showing I not only know the rare 45 but all facets of good music.
    Buckshot of Blackmoon shout

    Premo you are the godson, your ears are blessed. 1!
    holding it down 212-415

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat

    Barack Obama :I really like it
    Me: so do I
    Barack: shame i cannot pick it up for my 2012 campaign run…2012 is my year, isn’t it? anyway I’m Barack Obama and I approve this song


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