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DJ Premier Said No To Justin Bieber Wanting To Be On The BET Cyphers ’11

Don’t get it wrong, DJ Premier doesn’t have anything against Justin Bieber. The story goes like this, Justin Bieber asked if he could join the BET Cyphers ’11 which was cool for Premo and the staff. DJ Premier doesn’t care who joins the cyphers as long as you can spit dope verses everybody is allowed. But then Justin Bieber wanted Ludacris to write his rhymes and that wasn’t allowed by DJ Premier. Thanks to DJ Premier the BET Cyphers are still spitting ryhmes on dope breaks like they used to do it on the streets… Word!


You can check the rest of the interview here.

“Writes Your Own Rhymes Honey”

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38 Responses to “DJ Premier Said No To Justin Bieber Wanting To Be On The BET Cyphers ’11”

  • Comment from rollo

    write your own rhymes honey! bwahahahahaha

  • Comment from FubiZz

    he obviously can’t do shit by himself, Bieber’s just a fucking insdustry product.

  • Comment from goat

    Anyone got the audio of this interview?

  • Biebier is a joke

  • Comment from Glitch

    Thank God, would have been a joke if the kid Beiber wormed his way onto there.

  • Comment from churbo

    thank fuck. fucking legend Premier.

  • Comment from London DJ

    Beiber? Spitting verses? You gotta be kidding me, is it April 1 already?!

  • Comment from moolie



  • Comment from jaycard

    yea but it took some of those lames like 60 takes. Premier is an OG – he shouldve told the other fucks who couldn’t legitimately spit to get the fuck out

  • Comment from Brilliando

    success to DJ Premier Blog, keep making interesting posts

  • Comment from Brilliando

    what are you doing bieber, are you can spit dope?

  • Comment from Whoolio

    I don’t care about this kid at all but this was a lame move indeed…

    I mean, asking someone else to write your rhymes instead of writing your own.

  • Comment from PremeThat Dude

    Preme, up the rest of that cypher discussion. U cut it off right when u were going in about it.

  • Comment from Sinosure

    I think Premo made the right decision! Them cats are spittin of the top of the head (unless it’s something they already memorized)! No rhyme writing on this one kid! So if you saw those Cyphers, then you know how real & different it was from the BET show that was hosted with it. I watched it purely for the Cyphers! REAL HIP HOP LIVES ON!

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat

    Barack Obama: fuc* Preem, he turned Justin down. what the fuc* ?
    myself: of course he did. Justin doesn’t make music, not anymore. he is a fucking good actor now.
    Barack Obama: (silence)
    myself: did I say anything stupid?
    Barack Obama: (arms up) I’m talking about Justien Bieber, not Justin Timberland you asshole !!!
    myself: hmm, Timberlake…whateva Preemo was right to turned him down
    Barack Obama: are you crazy? you cannot mess with someone who has more than 300 000 000 views on YouTube man. any president running for re-election must be down his this fucking kiddo…hmm I mean that loveloy boy.
    myself: so?
    Barack Obama: To show my support to Justin in that tough times, I’m gonna call him, letting him know we will shut Year Round records down for bad behavior against the nation & the flag…I’m Barack Obama, and more than ever I approve this message…and vote 4 me

  • Comment from girlygirlpoe

    Thank goodness DJ said no..But did Ludacris say?

  • Comment from vanessa

    what is a cypher?

  • Comment from Chuck-a-Luck

    Here’s a hook for ya:
    “Just a little ditty to show y’all what I dream.
    I’m trying to do like Eminem on the Hip-Hop scene.
    I’m Justin Bieber not an M&M. I’m J-B as in JELLY BEAN.”

  • Comment from leonard

    why don`t the idotis try getting a real job not do that rap or is it rape shit oh they do not know how to do a real job. cause there to lasy and stupid to get a real job

  • Comment from Ratacon

    I thought to be in the BET Cypher you had to be an offical rapper? If he wants to cross over to rap he need to get with rappers his age like Runs son ,Diggy Simmons.

  • Comment from missy

    guys justin is awesome we all get stuck some time so give him a break

  • Comment from missy

    Give justin a break we all get stuck sometime so shut your mouths if you dont like him you just make him stronger

  • Comment from Steven Matranga

    And there’s your proof…Whitey isn’t the only racist!

  • Comment from robdigg

    beaver, serious your askin peeps to write yo rapps very uncool, but then it doesnt surprize me “”YA CANT DO IT””!

  • Comment from Albert Blanco

    Justin Bieber have love in his hreart just lkie
    hi Family.

  • Comment from skyy avari

    thank god somebody finally put that little pussy back in his panties. he’s just a wus and doesnt deserve a single penny the music
    industry pays him……….or her// i still think it’s a girl…
    i’ve seen more talent in a jar of mayonnaise.

  • Comment from rollo

    Remember what Dave Chapelle said…faggots run the entertainment industry. Justin he-she is just another aspect of that…Never forget that the goal is to reduce the working population to a state of hermaphodidic ignorance. Baphomet and such.

  • Comment from GT


    Messes me up to think you even considered allowing the kid to jump in the cypher……. The kid has no place in hip-hop. You said it, the cyphers credibility would have gone to shit if the kid performed. You know what it is with the cyphers and that shit can’t happen. The game is messed up as it is already… The line has to be drawn somewhere.


  • Comment from Patricia

    You are a loser for not allowing Justin to perform on your show! Do you not know how talented he is in rapping? Go search for him and Chris brown rapping ” Look at me now ” on youtube at one of his concerts. Justin rapped Busta Rhyme’s part PERFECTLY. He also rapped in many other songs. If you can’t see his talent, then you are just blind! Ya’ll are just a bunch of jealous ass haterz.

  • Comment from mary manzella

    Give the kid a break he came this far.he still young watch him pass all yours asses up

  • Comment from rollo

    LOL! Patricia is a crackhead!

    Bieber’s PR office must be sending out the interns to post comments.

  • Comment from DnQx

    Yeah, Beeb’s wack as a pop icon (thank his handlers and Disney for that) but he does have some talent. If it was channeled into being something more substantial than tween stardom then he could do good things. i look forward to his downward spiral into drugs, ho’s, and depression. not saying you need to hit rockbottom in order to deliver quality art, but a little good old fashioned Suffering could help his image; still just a little too shiny for street cred.

    That being said, this isn’t the forum for him. (probably just a publicity stunt anyway). and especially trying to enlist somebody to write his rhymes for him?! that’s off the charts wack. you don’t go into an improvisational competition with readymade rhymes. it would destroy the SHOW’s credibility.

    Bravo, Primo, for sticking to yr (tonz of) gunz.

  • Comment from Be Golden

    Thats so whack. Cyphers are for saying your own rhymes written or freestyled.

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat


    to me the debate should not put on whether or not he writes his own lyrics. because if you are blaming that, blame both sides that use the sytems: the so-called writer and the ghostwriter…

    I hate what the Jigga did to the rap music but honestly do you think that Jay-Z the famous ghostwriter would have been turned down by Premo in a similar occasion?

    so the only reason, how talented Justin might be (i haven’t and never listen his music, so i might a nbadjudge i confess) is that he simply doesn’t belong to the club, simple as that.

    who fixes the rules of that club, who is the final approver? the beautiful thing is that there is none actually, it is just a tribe, ppl, in their heart, without any consent or pre-debate altogether, who know. we just know. I will meet any of you somewhere and after 10 min we will know that we belong to the same family, the dope one.

    in doing what he did, Premo is just doing what AG did spit years ago : “show all these motherfuckers what hip hop is supposed to sound like”, protecting the family he cares about.

    who watch the watchers

  • Comment from Fruity Little Muffen

    That would have been dope if Bieber wrote his own verse and got on. It would probably be the most entertaining and most talked about portion of the entire “BET Cyphers”.

  • Comment from Kenzie

    justin bieber hahahaha i still dont like him

  • Comment from emcore

    dat boi is so damn lazy…thank God he was rejected.

  • Comment from Grimm560

    Premier had every right to clown Beiber…not all of hip hop is gonna feel you. The big dogs been doing the Cypher for years. They’ll let you hop on if you can hold your own by yourself.

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