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Nick Javas Leaving Year Round Records

Nick Javas leaved DJ Premier’s label Year Round Records. No further details were released, but they both go separate ways in peace. Together they did 2 big European/World tours and released 2 singles with videos. It wasn’t a secret Nick Javas would love to do more mainstream music, but his debut album “Destination Unknown” looked promising in the hip hop world with productions by DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Marco Polo, Statik Selektah & more. The DJ Premier beats from the album will probably be used by other artists in the future. We from DJ Premier Blog wishing Nick Javas the best and a promising future. The 2 times I saw him personally he was a real friendly guy.

Now NYGz and Khaleel are the only two who are signed to Year Round Records. But also the upcoming MC Eiht & Pete Rock collabo album are scheduled to get a release on the label. Be on the lookout!

Here is some old track from Khaleel with Nick Javas:

Khaleel – Unfortunate (Feat. Nick Javas) (Prod. by Dynamite Bros)

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36 Responses to “Nick Javas Leaving Year Round Records”

  • Comment from DaBig6

    End of his story/reputation/fame.

  • Comment from CrownHolderFromdaHeights

    sign Wais P!!!!!

  • Comment from Maza

    Go to college nick… you dont have what it takes.
    Preem work on Wais P.

  • Comment from Ronald Cameron

    I wish Nick the best, but I think he’s making a big mistake. Over the past couple of years, DJ Premier took Nick under his wing, took him on tour with him, made sure he was in several of his interviews and now he leaves one of the greatest producers of all-time. Nick has some talent, but I hope he remembers what DJ Premier did for his career.

  • Comment from rollo

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Nick goes mainstream real quick. He seemed to have that bigger than life vibe. Thing is he’s not 20 years old though..without preme life will be tougher.

  • Comment from GoldenTrophy

    I sorta seen this coming, I felt personaly YR records is holding him back, I seen him as a mainstream artist with maybe 3 or 4 records done by a Premier/Statik etc and the rest of the tracks more mainstream producers. I wish him the best but just like Rollo posted he’s not in his early 20’s so he’ll have a harder time, as long as he doesn’t completely abandon preem and forget who gaved him an oppurtunity first then it’s all gravy.

    P.S I havent really like the joints Primo produced for him, it was either not good or average from what I heard but that’s just my opinion.

  • Comment from Cmon son

    I saw this coming for a long time, was actually in shock when they signed him. No diss to Javas, I just don’t think the right chemistry was there. Premier handles his business, but IMO he collabs best with lyrical street emcees and brings out the best in them.

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    @Golden Trophy:

    have you heard the snippet of “one of them days”??

    good luck nick, it was clear that he wanted to go mainstream, and Preem knew that as well,w e will see how his career will develop..
    I liked him tho, I was on one of his shows with premier, and they both went in, he’s a passionate artist

  • Comment from Kim Swede

    Not a great loss, he really, REALLY, needs preem to bang.

  • Comment from GoldenTrophy

    @ Ama Hustle yeah I heard the snippet for that song was hoping to hear the full song by now and i’ll say that beat is the best beat Primo produced for him.

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    I’m actually pretty sad. Even though I knew that 60% of Destination Unknown was going to be mainstream shit, I still was so pumped for the 3-5 joints he was going to do with Preem. Especially “One of those days”. Jesus that beat is gonna be awesome once we hear a full version

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    lol. I kept thinking: whatever happened to Nick Javas anyway?

    good riddance. homie was dumb wack.

    Can better rappers step up to the plate, please?? I’m tired of this underground vs mainstream yadda yadda. Just be nice on the mic.

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    I do like Wais P but he needs to broaden his material, personality and intellect on wax. There’s only so much “I used to pimp” tracks I can take. It’s 2011, not 1994. Listening to someone brag about how they used to pimp Black women just doesn’t sit right with me.

    Broaden your horizons bruh. I want to hear grown black men on the mic. not childish shit. and if it’s gonna be ‘childish’ street shit, at least make it entertaining and intricate a la Ghostface in Supreme Clientele. not generic street raps.

  • Comment from Wiktor

    is it worthed to be in the YR rec?
    just 1 real LP was released by YR so far. Blaqprint, which any way was comosed in half from old tracks.
    I guess Nick doesn’t wants to wait another years to be released, like NYG’z.

    YR what?

  • Comment from Rick

    Saw it comin’ 2!!!!U The only person I know who can`t sound dope on a Preem track!!!!…I bet everythimg I own; we won`t hear from you again, big time… no hate!!! That`s the game…I got hotter flames than u got … there is no sympathy…ya didn’t use ya chance!!!!!…let`s bet…


  • Comment from CompoSimonite

    “Khaleel – Unfortunate” Please tell me where I can the instrumental for this track?!

  • Comment from Maza

    whatever yearround this and that.
    at the end of the day they must have lotta parallel business to keep em alive,
    like videomaking for comercials, jingles and that.
    music aint giving that money no more, specially underground stuff, maybe the publicity surrounding that…

    talking about that, you can check Njavas spiting with preem, then after with b.o.b , snoop, and stuff…
    what? he thinks he can be a #rich as wigga with a mouth full of gold# so soon??? from nothing?


  • Comment from terrytee

    Nick’s a good MC, no question there, he’s word plays up there. YR has helped him reach a lot of heads who would have simply passed him by. As far as big time goes the NFL stuff was quite an achievement reaching even more heads than YR. I guess when we think of a premo beat we to often make the parallel to that street shit, which is what premo does best, but don’t get it twisted even the hardest dudes can relate to Nick as long as they understand skills. The reality of the matter is that true lyricists have a very hard time breaking the mainstream. I can’t hate on him and hope he continues to put out dope hip-hop. Its a hard grind these days.

  • Comment from who shot john

    why not sign artists like group home, jeru the damaja, rakim, etc…..people still want to hear premo callaborations with these type of artists………why not give the fans what they want?

  • Comment from Gold167

    YR/Year Round Incorporated aint even drop “Get Used to Us” on various formats (LP/CD etc)
    Poet left after contract done
    Javas left
    NYG’z staying cos that is there only option
    Khaleel album will never drop
    I love Preme as a producer, however as a business man it aint working

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat

    Myself: Have you heard the news, Nick Javas is leaving YR records.
    Barack Obama : who cares?
    Myself: …and btw Jules Jordan is stopping making porn movies
    Barack Obama : what ? Send the army immediately. Close the airports. Take his family in hostage…THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

    Nick Javas, a great for …for …whateva

  • Comment from rollo

    John has it correct..Primo should do a new jeru or group home album, record it on analog 2″ tape. None of these thin digital type beats. The fans will support…won’t sell huge. But it will be classic and keep selling forever. NYGz are dope but they started too late, by the time primo began hyping them up…hip hop was already dead. Only those with an old school following can sustain themselves today. Sad but true.


    Fuck Nick Javaz I neva understood the yr signing ,to me that goes against the grain of claiming real hiphop.

  • Comment from Phil

    It was so expected. I guess the real reason was that Nick didn’t want to wait 2+ years to drop his album. Same thing happened with Blaq Poet.

  • Comment from bc-tw

    Let’s not act like Nick wasn’t the best lyricist on the Year Round roster. Khaleel is nothing special, and that’s no offense to anybody, and NYGz are a good group, but as far as lyrical content, NHB is as complex as they get. And I love NHB.

    But look at Javas — the song Anonymous is conceptually a masterpiece. Opportunity Knocks is another ill concept. Not a Game is on some GZA Labels/Fame shit for real.

    Personally I think Premier should fold up Year Round and just focus on producing for random artists and not have a so-called stable of artists that feel like they’re being neglected, which is just a distraction for Premier.

    2011 has been one of Premier’s most prolific years ever, but how many of his songs this year have featured Nick? The 2 songs on Get Used to Us (released last year) with Javas were old as hell anyway. Javas made the most of his time with Preem but now is the right time to leave before he gets too old.

  • Comment from 357 nyc

    Good bye and good wont be missed. Hardcore boom bap forever…

  • Comment from Confidence

    Comment from who shot john
    Posted at: October 18, 2011 at 9:09 PM
    why not sign artists like group home, jeru the damaja, rakim, etc…..people still want to hear premo callaborations with these type of artists………why not give the fans what they want?

    That’s what I’m talking about it. This what we all need/want. In the meantime, Check out Rashad & Confidence “The Element of Surprise.” This will hold you over until something like this drops…peace

  • Comment from Curt McGirt

    No hate whatsoever towards Nick but I was not really into Nick Javas honestly. To be fair, I would’ve purchased the album just to hear new Preem shit but based on Primo’s track record I never felt a true mesh when it came to the two.

  • Comment from polo simmons

    yo, Nicky looked like a damn fraud when he was in the cipher up at the Halftime anniversary show. ‘Not a game’ was dope…everything else was garbage. ‘Anonymous’ and ‘Opportunity Knocks’ were corny as hell.

    Preem…Sign John Robinson aka Lil Sci…He got ill lyrics and an incredible voice.

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    Confidence, your stuff sounds like generic boom bap. No offense. I’m not impressed or moved. Monotone rapping. Typical Preemish stuff. It’s not wack, just mediocre. Good luck though. You might be able to make better shit. I’m dying to hear good stuff with soul. Emphasis on the word “GOOD”

    anyway, I like what rollo said about recording the beats on analog.

    Javas was trash and a half.

  • Comment from Dick B

    *never hears another thing about Nick Javas for the remainder of my life*

  • Comment from vergetibbs

    Good, glad he’s gone. NOW MAYBE WE CAN GET THIS NYGz LP!?!?

  • Jeru and Preemo should reunite , I always thought they made a great duo. Sign him Preem!

  • Comment from yoyo

    DJ Premier just can’t be a top producer, touring as a DJ and running a label at the same time. Too much. The artists just can’t wait. I really hope DJ Premier sees this now. He should hire a talented project coordinator or something…

  • Comment from joe

    thank god. preem needs to hand year round records over to someone that knows how to run a label. shit is ridiculous. blaqprint couldn’t be found in stores, the get used to us compilation was a complete and total failure. couldn’t find it, none of the albums it was hyping up have dropped. nick javas was flat out wack. can’t believe preem signed dude and put him on like that. so average, nothing that made him unique or interesting. nyg’z album has been “almost ready” and “coming out this year” for a few years now. shit is beyond frustrating. the pete rock vs premier record will never drop, i already knew that when it was announced. lot of empty promises coming out of year round records. i want to see premier go out and help kool g rap, rakim, and jeru. i’d even like to see a new group home album. go back to the foundation, premier doesn’t need a new artist. he reinvents artists that need a hand. nick javas can carry on his career doing lame sports punchlines, and topical rap songs that evoke no feeling. can’t blame him for bouncing though preem never puts shit out, just leads his whole roster on like it’s gonna happen.

  • Comment from HIP HOP

    Javas is not what YearRound needs, Preem needs to sign some young kids with an old school vibe and lotta potential to boost up that label. Doesnt look like year rounds will last too long if they dont get some talent that will get on the radio and still keep it real, and they deff. have the tools to do this with preem on the track !


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