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K-Def – Supa Heath (Prod. by K-Def)

New one from Redefinition Records! This one is called “Supa Heath” which is a nod to the original sources that inspired K-Def’s creation. Incredibly, this beat features no samples… all of the sounds you hear were replayed/reprogrammed masterfully by K-Def himself. This version appears on K-Def’s upcoming “Night Shift” project which will be available in December 2011 on vinyl, cd, cassette & mp3 on Redefinition Records. Night Shift features 2 vocal tracks (INI’s Rob O and Panacea’s Raw Poetic are featured) as well as a handful of covers and original instrumentals. An alternate version of “Supa Heath” track was made available last week on flexi disc vinyl but has since been sold out. Real diggers (like me) know Redef stands for quality releases we need and are hard to find in 2011… very hard! Respect!

K-Def – Supa Heath (Prod. by K-Def)

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