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Slick Rick – Behind Bars (Unreleased ’92 Prince Paul Version) CDQ

I’ve only heard a 30 second rip from this track before, I don’t know if you heard more… But this is the full CDQ version of the notorious unreleased Prince Paul mix. Some little background story: When Slick Rick was incarcerated in 1992 he recorded this song with Prince Paul. The song didn’t come out until 1994 but to Prince Paul’s surprise it was remixed by Warren G and Def Jam scrapped his mix. Price Paul was still on the credits with the other composers, but it wasn’t the original version. It looks like something typical Def Jam style. But Slick Rick is the master though, what a unique artist. And together with Prince Paul??!! Damn. Something we miss nowadays, enjoy:

Slick Rick – Behind Bars (Unreleased ’92 Prince Paul Version)


Unreleased 90s flavor!

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