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DJ Premier Talks About Kenneth “HeadQCourterz” Joseph Walker

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6 Responses to “DJ Premier Talks About Kenneth “HeadQCourterz” Joseph Walker”

  • Comment from hashmills

    R.I.P Headqcourtez!

  • Comment from Keith Gray Jr. Gray's Music

    that was some real powerful talk. good shit! preciate that Premier, had a lot of death in my family. Momz and Popz both of which have been monumental in my dj career/love. Momz biggest fan as usual, and Popz taught me the game (dj himself, and inspirer)! Much respect for sharing some personal shit wit the folks. that’s real 100% shit!

  • Comment from VIC

    I have always like you DJ Premier. And only thing I ever known about you is your production and scratching. After watching this I feel that you have such a big heart and not too many famous people like you do. I feel very happy to know that someone in Hip Hop has shared and open up to us the consumers of Hip Hop music. I really like what you said it makes me feel very proud of you my friend. Hope one day I can tell you in person what a good human you are. Wish you the best in everything you do GOD bless you I have more respect for you NOW. PEACE ONE LOVE…

  • Comment from rollo

    is that Large Professor in the cut?

  • Comment from PersadaBlog

    challenging duel: D

  • Comment from brooklynbandit

    I know NYGZ project is going to be the best album premier ever did… can’t wait… year round label of the year

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