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With Kendra Morris being the last beat of 2011 it’s again that time of the year my friends. We didn’t get NYGz, Nick Javas nor KRS-One, Pete Rock and Get Used To It DVD. But we did had a productive year, there’s much more to choose from than last year. I wonder if I can out due last year vote succes. Be aware, judge strictly on the beats, not the rhymes. It’s the beat that matters in this poll… Who will run away with the award?? This one could be tricky!!

2010 winner: Première Salve by Soulkast (20%)
2009 winner: Rap Addiction by Blaq Poet (17%)
2008 winner: Say Goodnight by Reks (30%)

In 2008 we had 359 votes, in 2009 we had 950 votes, in 2010 we had 3 118 votes. LETS BEAT THAT RECORD MY FAMILY!! WHO WILL WIN THE AWARD??? VOTE VOTE VOTE!!

Thank you for your time and support over the years! -gim

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65 Responses to “”

  • Comment from ib2quik2c

    “Born in the Trap”. Love when the beat doubles up, but I wish the Stokley Carmichael spoken intro that he debuted on Live From HQz was included on the album version.


  • Comment from GoldenTrophy

    Interesting,I surely thought Fast Lane would leed the poll, but I guess i’m just being biased.

  • Comment from elime

    My top 5
    1. Fastlane – the sample in this beat gave me a good feeling
    2. Concrete Waves – very refreshing dope and laidback beat
    3. Born In The Trap – i love the sample, soft drums
    4. For The Record – fire
    5. Shock & Amaze – i love those chops

  • Comment from C

    choosin your favorite premier beat is like deciding who your favorite child is. theyre all amazing. its not even really a matter of which is my favorite beat, its more about which one im feeling the most of this time. since some beats were released a while back in the year, ive already listened to them enough times that the newer premier beats tht are released are the currnt ones i feel more, that why i picked toraes, for the record, but seriously theres so many more that are my favorite, so take this opinion witha grain of salt because theyre all different types of beats with different moods,etc.. so theyre all amazing. keep it up preem, one of the realest dudes alive and ive never even met you before

  • Comment from nOF

    1. 25th Hour = Excellent record, and Reks ripped it.
    2. Second Place
    3. Fast Lane
    4. B.A.P
    5. Embody
    6. For The Record
    7. Vigilante

  • Comment from BK's Finest

    1- For The Records
    2- Born In The Trap
    3- 25th Hour
    4- Second Place

  • Comment from TheTorah

    ‘you’. ’25th hour’. ‘writer’s block’. th best…some1 help..i hv 2 #vote

  • Comment from Moe

    lol why has we miss you 1% with 0 votes and the ones above 0% with 1 votes?

    whatever. i also thought fastlane would be nr 1. hard desicion for me btwn fastlane and shock % amaze but at the end i decided to vote for prop.


  • Comment from Jean Ferrat

    1. Nas is Like –
    2. R.N.S. – a bit hardcore but who needs love?
    3. 1,2,1,2 pass it…
    4. Defeat

    what? we are in 2011? sh******************************t

  • Comment from hellraiser

    1 – REKS – 25th Hour
    2 – VENOM – Vigilantes Remix
    3 – EDO G – Fastlane
    4 – KENDRA MORRIS – Concrete Waves Remix
    5 – GAME – Born in the trap

    hard choice!!! my vote goes for the Venom Remix…

  • Comment from Gunnar Jam

    Last year I really enjoyed listening to Preem & Soulkast. This year I think my fav is Mac Miller “Face The Facts”. Now I know everyone kept comlaining about Miller’s rhymes and such but I dug deeper. The tone and the sound of the track and even the cuts made me want to hear it over and over again, it’s got a nice feeling dread and that’s why I think it was the best production Premier made this year…

    My Top Five (Ugh why does it have to be a top five list?)

    1. Mac Miller – “Face The Facts”
    2. Torae – “For The Record”
    3. Vigilantes – “Vigilantes (DJ Premier VHS Remix)”
    4. DJ Premier, Berklee Symphony Orchestra, Nas – “Regeneration”
    5. Bushido – “Gangster”

  • Comment from bafo

    I’ve voted for “Shock & Amaze” by Prop Dylan but Mac Miller’s “Face The Facts” is the dopest beat. Unfortunately, as a track, it isn’t great.
    I would love to hear other mc’s spitin on “Face the facts” beat.

  • Comment from Dick B

    I wish NYGz would’ve came out. What happened to that six month plan Premo? Anyhow, I voted for “25th Hour”, my second choice would’ve been “Face the Facts” based on production only.

  • Comment from Klystax

    My Top 5

    1. Fastlane by Edo G
    2. Vigilantes (DJ Premier VHS Remix) by Venom
    3. 25th Hour by Reks
    4. Concrete Waves (DJ Premier 320 Remix) by Kendra Morris
    5. You by Evidence


  • Comment from dirtysam

    damn what a tie at second place, i voted for the 25th hour event though the rest is pretty good

  • Comment from O.B.G.

    the competition for me was between You, 25th Hour, Fast Lane, For The Record, Second Place & We Miss You.

  • Comment from yoyo

    why isn’t the NAS track listed?

  • Comment from kam

    You is gon win, but I’m happy to see the 25th hour back on the second rank

  • Comment from what what

    1) tie between concrete waves and a couple of the 20 second drops he’s been doing on his radio show. i haven’t jizzed so hard over premo beats in a minute lol
    2)tie between fast lane and shock and amaze
    3)stop what ya doin’

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    unfuckwitable Top 3

    1) Reks – 25th Hour
    2) Edo G – Fastlane
    3) Evidence – You

    tracks that are OK, but not as great as top 3

    4) Royce – 2nd Place
    5) Game – Born in The Trap
    6) Apathy – Stop What You Doin
    7) Bushido – Gangster

  • Comment from phatphillie

    damn homie i wanted to say TEF ‘4 THE LOVE’ but it aint there, I’ll go with EV !! PEACE

  • Comment from Big Shef

    It’s a damn shame, the best 2 beats are buried way down the list. I know how that go- sometimes you sell your best, to an artist that’s really inspired. By the time the product’s done, they just didn’t shine right & your beat fades to obscurity.

    On the other hand; sometimes you feed an alright production to an MC that became that last, important, missing instrument. All of a sudden, an OK beat starts topping lists….

  • Comment from GuttahMastah

    I personally do not see what is so special about “You.”

    I voted for “For the Record” as the best beat. That’s the classic Premo that we know best, classic snares with the east coast “orchestra” vibe. It has everything a beat needs: scratches, heavy drums, good baseline, and a dope sample. It’s a shame it won’t win. Whatever.

    I don’t find 25th hour particularly that great of a beat either. Reks definitely killed it, but the beat ain’t all that nice. And Shock and Amaze? Mediocre does not describe that one.

  • Comment from Hom Hom

    My Top 5

    Bushido : Gangster
    Evidence : You
    Apathy : Stop What Ya Doin’
    Reks : 25th Hour
    Royce da 5’9 : Writer’s Block (DJ Premier Remix)

  • Comment from shelter

    1. second place
    2. stop what ya doin
    3. 25th hour

    @guttahmastah: you know prop dylan has his stans putting in hours to vote though, word from denmark

  • Comment from SirBiatch


    you’re kidding, right? Evidence’s “You” is better than “For The Record” because it’s funkier. It’s more interesting to listen to and it’s a more “active” beat. Same with 25th Hour. Harder drums, more rugged, more knock, more drums banging in the background, more ‘bap’.

    in fact, Reks shouldn’t have gotten that beat. Assaulting the beat is not the same as doing the beat justice.

    Sometimes I wonder if y’all who listen to Preem’s stuff can actually dance. Or FEEL rhythm, especially in a street/bboy sorta way. Preem makes some of the most dynamic shit in hip hop. e.g. Big Shug – Tha Way It Iz. If you can’t really dance, you’re gonna miss out on half of what makes Preem so ill.

    “Shock and Amaze” is mediocre. The beat is too monotonous.

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    @ SirBiatch

    Dancing? You’re telling us that we don’t understand Primo’s beats as well as you do because we dont DANCE to them? What the flying fuck are you talking about?

  • Comment from Yup

    Hands down gotta be 25th hour. The blend of sampling on that beat is NUTZ. The bassline is masterful, how many samples on that track? How Preem came up with that beat is like saying how did MJ hit that shot. He’s GOD in physical form. That’s the beat of 2011 right there, 25th Hour.

  • Comment from Yup

    Second – Concrete Waves
    Third – Jump Up – yall sleeping on this one
    Fourth – B.A.P

  • Comment from GuttahMastah


    It’s a matter of opinion. I don’t “dance” to Premo beats, I bob my head to them. I don’t see what is so “funky” about the song “You.” When I think of funky I think of Mathematics, or Playin Ya Self. I don’t know, that’s just me. I just prefer For the Record. Everything is on point on that beat imo. You is a good beat, but the scratches aren’t that nice imo.

    Have a nice day my friend.

  • Comment from dave

    for the record all the way. you is boring as shit

  • Comment from mtllou75

    who voted 4 the embody track , that one is st8 ear suicide lol

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    had to go with the edo g record, since it seems to trail behind..

    1. fastlane
    2. 25th hour (does anyone else hear this annoying tinnitus sound?)
    3. you

    there have been plenty of dope beats, “second place”, “stop what ya doin”, “born in the trap”, “for the record”..

    What I find disappointing is that a beat like the “vigilantes” remix got a like 4 times as much votes as “face the facts” & the “jump up” remix (mad underrated imo)..

    if “shock & amaze” is an mediocre beat as some of you stated, than “vigilantes” is straight trash..
    “face the facts” was one of my favs this year, based on sample, melody, composition and scratches (classic cuts), this is one of dopest premo tracks..

  • Comment from DJ Damage

    Me likes that “vigilantes” remix !!
    scratches dope as hell, Blaq Poet & Venom spits fire,
    this beat is a banger but mad slept on…

    25th hour is the best beat for me this year!

  • Comment from Yup

    Snap, i totally forgot about Face the Facts.

    Have to rearrange that list.

    1 – 25th Hour
    2 – Face the Facts
    3 – Concrete Waves
    4 – Jump Up tied with B.A.P

  • Comment from Yup

    Both Face the Facts and Jump Up, mad underrated.

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    yeah DANCE. sway from side to side. 2 step. Whatever you do. Even the most hardcore rap videos have cats moving about somehow.

    That’s what I’m saying. If all you’re doing is head-bobbing all the time, then yeah…maybe you’re missing out on some of the funk. Just sayin.

  • Comment from GuttahMastah

    When I bob my head to the beat, I picture the rhythm and the bars in my head. I make beats myself. Trust me my man, I’m not “missing out” on anything.

    And yeah, I can “dance” when it comes to moving side to side or some ish like that. But I don’t snap my fingers or nothing like that.

  • Comment from 3rd_Eye

    Wasn’t that “Reks – 25th” hour joint on last years poll?
    ALSO….I think the “Teflon – 4 tha Love” joint should be on there cuz that didn’t “OFFICIALLY” release until this year.
    What the dilly yo??

  • Comment from DJ Damage

    @sirbiatch : co-sign

  • Comment from hustler305

    you forgot to put the epilogue by evidence that was produced by preem also

  • Comment from Paher

    Evidence – The Epilogue is DJ Premier beat too q;-)
    A DJ Premier style beat, with Evidence flow.

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    he didn’t include epilogue cuz that beat has been released in 2008 on
    “BTCD vol 1”
    you should know that..

  • Comment from rollo

    I just realized…the pete rock primo album was supposed to drop this year….will we ever see it?


    Its as though Premier is allergic to albums…either that or he’s looking for more money from distributors…ain’t happening. No ones into hardcore boom bap like that anymore.

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @Ama Hussla, THANK YOU!!!! 😀

  • Comment from 3rd Eye

    Gim……can you confirm on that “Teflon – 4 that Love” joint?
    I think that should be listed on the contest for this year.
    If we can get that one up there, that will be me vote for #1 Preemo beat for 2011.

  • Comment from clockers

    Vigilantes Remix!!!!!!no doubt!!!!!

  • Comment from Paher

    Ama Hussla:

    Sorry:) I didn’t listen so much the “BTCD vol 1″
    Thank you rof the information.

  • Comment from Loykes

    Another 1000 votes to go and we’ve got 4 weeks left. I think we’re gonna make it! Everybody vote for the best Preemo beat.

  • Comment from pamgrier

    Venom “Vigilantes (dj premier remix)” got my vote ! 🙂

  • Comment from lila computer


  • Embody (DJ Premier 95 Break Remix) by SebastiAn … vote done

  • Comment from Le Shief

    How come Regeneration isn’t in the list?? I bet it would have won hands down..
    Anyway I voted for Second Place, the beat’s so sick!!

  • Comment from JP

    i’ve got to say, looking at this list, its a little disappointing the rappers premier worked with this year. Mac Miller? Eminem? where’s the Teflon album? where’s the real hiphop mc’s? I hope ’12 is better.

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    first of all he did not work with eminem, and secondly, em is when it comes to skills (rhymepattern, flow, wordplay) the best rapper, not many can compete with him, don’t hate just cuz he made it. yes he does make pop songs, but on those mainstream records he’s killin it.. I would love to hear eminem on a premier beat, it would be epic

  • Comment from Loykes

    Just 9 votes to go! We’re gonna break the record! Congrats Gim!

  • Comment from Bunty

    Fastlane for me.

  • Comment from Loykes

    Only one more.


    for the record is the illest preem beat of 2011.

  • Comment from jake

    “Vigilantes (DJ Premier VHS remix)” for me

  • Comment from kam

    1. For The Record
    2. You
    3. 25th Hour

    those 3 are undeniable standouts imho

  • Comment from FubiZz

    ……. drum roll …….



    ta da!

    …voter record beaten!

  • Comment from teck-zilla

    EVIDENCE IS TAKING IT..sorry for the all caps

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