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Exclusive: Slick Rick – Need Some Bad (Prod. by DJ Premier) CDQ

Exclusive exclusive!! Damn!! Santa is coming early for me… I’m a huge Slick Rick addict and now this?? His flow… Yes!!! From the upcoming movie “The Sitter“, this is the official motion picture soundtrack. Enjoy:

Slick Rick – Need Some Bad (Prod. by DJ Premier) CDQ


I missed Slick Rick…

Sorry for the poll (this one will be included next year).

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25 Responses to “Exclusive: Slick Rick – Need Some Bad (Prod. by DJ Premier) CDQ”

  • Comment from Dick B

    Pretty good (though a little below my expectations for a Preem production; Slick still has it), strange sounding sample.

  • Comment from SiN


  • Comment from VIC

    One of the BEST of Hip Hop everything he puts out is a HIT.

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    I actually expected the slick rick collabo on the premo/pete rock project, finally it dropped 🙂
    it’s nice that premier sampled the same hi hat as slick rick did for “children’s story”, beats suits slick rick

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    Sick drums. Great beat

  • Comment from Gunnar Jam

    I don’t like this track but im glad the cuts is in it. Still waiting for that Busta track…

  • Comment from matt

    most unexpected..How can anyone hate? I agree with SiN yo

  • Comment from myjestik

    slick rick the ruler!!!

  • Comment from rollo

    hahaha ‘eat the chick sushi’


  • Comment from krudanze

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!!!! this is the shit!!!

  • Comment from mikey

    this is GREAT! don’t be so hard on preem 🙂 props for makin this!! sample sounds a lil weird but it prolly from a oldschool cartoon or some shit haha, matches ricks style perfectly!

  • Comment from Bmore21225

    How the hell can you not like this man. I get in from work and hear this and it made my day after some hard work. Old School you got to repect the Ruler for sure. It is good to hear Rick again and it would be good to hear a new album from him in 2012.

  • Comment from who shot john

    Slick and Preem…..What else do you want??


  • Comment from al123

    Stop suckin Premo’s dick everytime he makes a beat !
    Livin Proof, Extra Extra, Music Evolution are the shits !!
    I don’t understand people can hear Kendra Morris or other and says “crazyy”, “siiick” lol
    I’ts not a good beat just because he merge sample and old school beat.
    Where is the musicality ? Nowhere !
    Anyway, that’s my point of view…

  • Comment from yoyo

    HOLY FUCK!!!

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    check it out, sounds familiar doesn’t it??..

  • Comment from d.fusion

    Holy shit, new Slick Rick shit…what there’s more?… on a Preemo beat, holy fuck!
    Sample is dope as can be, i’m just a little tired of this drum/snare combo. Nice to see this track on a OST. Let’s put that classic rap back on the map!

  • Comment from Sinosure

    Slick Rick’s back???!!! He never left, lol! He always had that sick flow! Slick is the man for this one! I kinda like the sample because it has that “story telling” vibe to it that Slick Rick is known for flowing to! Dope post! I hope he brings it soon as well! And to Ama Hussla, yeah you’re right! You nailed that sample on that vid!

  • Comment from Wantmybeats

    Can we put this one up there for Preemo’s best beats of 2011? Hypnotic sounds plus Rick the Ruler on the track.

  • Comment from Wantmybeats

    And to guy saying we are on Preemo’s tip. This is a Premier fansite. These are his most hardcore fans, it would only make sense for most of the comments to be skewed toward the positive side. It’s not a neutral site like HipHopDx where you have some fan saying Lex Luger is better.

  • Comment from Brian

    when was ever a neutral site?

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    cosign al123.

    dickriding is annoying, regardless of who it is. I’m a huge Preem fan, but I’m not a dickrider.

  • Comment from Vandellish

    Crax me up when people get on the web cussin’ each other out about whether a beat/song/artist is dope or not. If you ain’t gotta carpool with a m/f everyday what difference does it make to you whether they like they music or not? Y y’all think headphone sales is out the roof?
    Do I like it? Yeah it’s dope to me…it actually reminds me of a DangerDoom remix or something but still…does it really matter???? No.
    Y’all enjoy the day and to each his own.

  • Comment from GuttahMastah

    I’ll admit I’m not a fan of the Kendra Morris beat at all.

    This beat has a spooky old school Preem feel though. I really like this one.

  • Comment from ash

    hi all,

    did this ever get a vinyl release


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