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DJ Premier Visiting 45 King’s Show Clip

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6 Responses to “DJ Premier Visiting 45 King’s Show Clip”

  • Comment from Shumzs

    Always Good to see the 45 King.. I love the history the most. I like that you still take time to listen to stuff gets sent you way via email. To a lot of younger and lesser known artist the internet has helped out loads. But for me, like you said, it’s best to just hand demo’s over face to face and just let the music do the talking. Getting spammed with it can be over powering which I think is what Mark’s point was. Still to this day I’m finding new music to me which maybe a few years old to others.

    Thanks Premier!


  • Comment from rollo

    what is this…lunch at the retirement home?!!


    much love to 2 legends…primo stays on s950

  • Comment from Dick B.

    I’ve been anticipate this interview for a while actually, after he interviewed Prince Paul. Great to have two legends get together to talk hip hop.

    P.S. 45 King is really dropping some dope background beats for these interviews. And damn, that joint at 9:15 on the second part is dope as fuck.

  • Comment from rollo

    Oh maannnnn!

    I need to hear that Oprah song.

    And you know Stedman never stuck the dick to oprah..oprah is lenny dykestra…she and gayle be fucking like jenna haze and aurora snow

  • Comment from Mister B.

    I am a family-father. When I was growing up I was delivering commercial post mail. I hated it, but all the time I listened to Gang Starr, and fucking enjoyed the job for that reason. Your music have affected people in areas that you didnt even think of, I guess, and made their fucking day. And, this is no shit, you never have a beat below average. And the colors in your music is different than other producers. If Kanye is blue and purple, your shit is more like orange and green. I love it.

    Crazy real shit.

  • Mark the 45 King is a Legend!

    Status is up there with Prince Paul as one of the 80’s Production Pioneers!!

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