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Best DJ Premier Beat of 2011 is…

Yesss, I’m so full of joy. The best DJ Premier beat of 2011 is decided thanks to 4,098 (!!) Premo fans to be exact. That’s a lot more votes in compare with last year… damn this blog is growing. Can’t thank the people who vote enough. And with no further yip yap, the best DJ Premier Beat of 2011 is with no surprise:

Evidence won the DJ Premier Blog Awards like a boss, 22% aka 912 votes of all voters voted for him. If you know we never had a list to vote for that big it’s really impressive. Too bad this single never had a wax release. We may still love vinyl, but it’s dying for real. Here’s the full list people:

What do ya’ll think? The funny thing is, I voted for Jump Up (Remix)… I think that instrumental is really underrated, I funked with that a lot in 2011. It was choosing between Fastlane or Jump Up (Remix). Last year an European artist won, now the first European artist is Shock & Amaze by Prop Dylan on the fourth place, also congrats to him! Looking forward to hear the best beat of 2012!!

Previous winners:
2010 winner: Première Salve by Soulkast (20%)
2009 winner: Rap Addiction by Blaq Poet (17%)
2008 winner: Say Goodnight by Reks (30%)

Once again, thanks to all the voters, you were with a lot! And congratulations to Evidence with the win! AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE !! 2k12 will bring us a lot of fresh new Premo beats!!! End of DJ Premier Blog Awards.

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11 Responses to “Best DJ Premier Beat of 2011 is…”

  • Comment from dave

    sorry this beat is straight boring , torae should have won

  • Comment from k-tip

    I vote for Shock N Amaze,but it’s too hard to choose from the first three lol

  • Comment from DJ Damage

    sad to see how vigilantes remix & stop what ya doin are so underrated…
    “you” has nothing really special…a good one no doubt but not the best primo beat this year
    i think it’s because evidence had a massive fanbase…
    reks or edo g deserved to win

  • Comment from Gunnar Jam

    Great Track by Preem and big up to Evidence. Now Preem let’s hear another banger for the 2012!

  • Comment from emppu

    Prop is on 4th place, Torae is on 3rd.

    European artist is Shock & Amaze by Prop Dylan on the third place

  • Comment from BC-TW

    The people have spoken and I like the Evidence track but this wasn’t the best Preem blessed us with last year. That Slick Rick beat was crazy, and even that wasn’t his best. Too many to choose from…

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    lol at the Evidence beat being boring, and then saying Torae’s weak-rhythm track was less boring.


    @ dave ,boring i wouldn,t say but with no doubt the real know that the torae beat is much higher.

  • Comment from Rob

    I voted for the 25th Hour because that beat was raw! But I’m definitely not mad at “You” being number one.

  • Comment from Martin

    nice beat non phixion – rock stars

  • Comment from terrytee

    Ev track is dope, and so are all of the joints on this list. I have my personal favs but there not in the same order as the list above. But fuck me those votes just go to prove how all the back packers, or as we used to call them – new jacks, seem to run the fuckin internet!

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