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DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – The Kolexxxion Album Sampler


1. My Thoughts
2. Shake The Room (Feat. Flavor Flav) (Rejected Busta Rhymes beat)
3. B.A.P. (Bumpy And Premier) (Beat made for Jay-Z)
4. eVrEEbOdEE (Rejected Fat Joe beat)
5. wEaRe aT WaR (Rejected Immortal Technique beat)
6. P.A.I.N.E. (Pressure At INdustry Expense) (Rejected Jadakiss beat)
7. The Life
9. D’Lah
10. More Levels
11. GrEaTnEsS (Beat made for Nick Javas)
12. EyEnEvErPuTmY4cUsAwAy (Rejected Rejected Kanye West beat)
13. Turn Up The Mic (Feat. Nas) (DJ Premier Remix)
14. The Key
15. OwNiT
16. The Gang Starr Bus
17. Word Iz Bond

DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – The Kolexxxion Album Sampler

The album “The Kolexxxion” will be released on March 27th on Gracie Productions/Works of Mart.

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25 Responses to “DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – The Kolexxxion Album Sampler”

  • Comment from DUI

    Thank You, Its a Blessing to hear Bump still slayin with the hardcore lyrics and a Blessing to you to Primo I LOVE IT!!

  • Comment from Wiktor


    but where is “Mic & Gun”? 🙁 better then “OwNiT”

  • Comment from yoyo


    The ONE OF THEM DAYS beat is on this LP!! F.U.C.K. Y.E.A.H.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Craziest record in YEARS!! Nas remix sounds crazy!!!

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    evreebodee=rejected fat joe beat 😉

  • VERY SOLID!! I’m glad I have the Vinyl LP comin soon. But if I have to complain about somethin, I gotta say that I’m very disappointed that they wasted space including the previously released PAINE and THE LAH. I have those 12-inch singles and so should everyone else. And like someone else said, where is MIC & GUN? Or where the fuck is UnDaGrOuNdGoOn????????????????? The BONUS TRACKS should have been included on the PHYSICAL REALEASE, not the bullshit i-Tunes version. Why Preem, WHY??? smh

    The beat I don’t seem to like is EyEnEvErPuTmY4cUsAwAy. I could totally see where that was made for KanYe. And the joint OnNiT is DOPE! I love them laid-back types. I love what Bump is sayin too.

  • Comment from ib2quik2c

    “P.A.I.N.E.” is one of the toughest beats ever, how could anyone pass on that shit?

    “The Life”, “Turn up the Mic”, and “The Key” are new tracks I’m looking forward to…

    I think it’s safe to assume that Bump just dropped two solid albums in a row with Lyrical Exercise and now this one.


  • Comment from Terence Chill

    don’t get the point!? P.A.I.N.E. is on the The Konexion album from 2003 and The Lah is on the Fat Beats Compilation Vol. 1 from 2001????????????????????

  • Comment from yoyo


    A lot of people still haven’t peeped The Lah and PAINE. Those tracks are two of the best Bumpy tracks ever and fits perfectly in with the rest of the tracks… and the album is called the Kollexion. That’s why.

    Why include songs just to include songs? Quality first! Mic and Gun should have been there though. Fuck UnDaGrOuNdGoOn.

  • Comment from LG ROC

    OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT BEAT!!! 13. Turn Up The Mic !!!!!!

  • Comment from dredknight

    Whats the biz with 12. EyEnEvErPuTmY4cUsAwAy (Rejected Rejected Kanye West beat)

    It was rejected twice by Kanye xD?

  • Wow 17 Jointz!! Reminds me of a Gangstarr album.. Should also put Da La La on here and that Ownit Joint iz bannanas not sure why homie was hatin on it.

    Raticus – Da Shaup Records

  • My bad.. Da La La is on there!!! Dopeness.. Pure fire.

  • Comment from Who Shot John

    In the words of Batty Boy, “Whats All dis noise” Lol . Dope project.

    I can hear Guru on “the Key” track.

  • Where iz tAkEiT2tHeToP ? That is one of the illest jointz I heard.. Whoa!!!

  • Comment from DefenceMan

    Nice coming album ! But I thought that beat who rejected by Kanye is “JJ Beat” , but I was wrong ..

  • Comment from Dick B

    I can already tell that “More Levels” is going to be my favorite track off this album. Solid release from Premo and Bumpy.

  • Comment from Ricmoraes

    What good dj premier released a solid album! sounds old and some new beats to break their necks; okay to have some tracks that are not exactly your production line, but the album is very good … especially the tracks “bap,” “greatness,” “turn of the mic remix”, this is so sick, besides the “everybodee”, “the key”, “the life” … Finally, the album is very good, “premier” still the best, I look vinyl only be available …

  • Comment from seb

    ou wie, that nas track will be hot. going to be great this album, cnt w8!

  • Comment from gplus tips

    Nice coming album

  • Comment from DJ Guttah

    My Thoughts and the rest of the old Premo beats are my favorite. The rest are just okay. Not what i expected at all.

    Bumpy is my man, but come on, stop rhyming over rejected beats. Seriously. It’s sad and slightly embarrassing. Premo should come out with new beats and leave his rejected beats behind them, unless they are SUPER dope.

    I can see why Tech wouldve rejected that beat weare at war. Its a hardcore beat, but tech sounds good on beats with variable melodies. Premo is pretty good with melodies so its not a diss. I guess Premo thought he would sound good on a hard beat.

    Good album. But this album, for an all produced Premo album, is probably the worst ever. It doesnt seem like a lot of work went into this at all. Premo used to make ever song on the album bang. Its not like that with this album.

    I really hope it isnt downhill from here.

  • Comment from Gunnerrrrr Jam

    Holy shit!!!! That Bumpy Knuckles DJ Premier album is off tha hoooooook!!!!!! I want to get this album ASAP!!!!!

  • Comment from Megatr0n

    I aint feelin this shit! Beats are 2 bad,,,,,……….

  • @ DJ Guttah – I respect your opinions, but you’re sayin that it’s sad and slightly embarassing that Bumpy spits over rejected beats??? The fuck?! And for the record, this album is called KoleXXXion for a reason, cuz it’s a COLLECTION of songs, as old as 2001. At least half the album was recorded at all different times and the other half was most likely recorded around the same time last year. At least that’s what I’ve taken from the various interviews they have both done about the album. And I would imagine if Bumpy & Preem sat down and worked on an album together, of course it would have more of a sound that flows like a “real” album cuz it would be a real album. Again, the key word here is KoleXXXion!

    The NYG’z album is comin soon and that is 100% produced by Premier. From what I’ve heard (and read), it’s gonna be a banger! I just highly doubt it’s comin in May like Preem had said a few times. I mean, we’re almost in April and he hasn’t said a thing in the last few months. That’s the album I’m truly lookin forward to.

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