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Apollo Brown & OC – Prove Me Wrong (Prod. by Apollo Brown) CDQ

You probably already heard it on LiveFromHQ. Apollo Brown and OC gave DJ Premier the green light to premier the first single off their upcoming collaborative album, Trophies, dropping May 1st. 2012. Enjoy:

Apollo Brown & OC – Prove Me Wrong (Prod. by Apollo Brown) CDQ

DJ Premier: “Dope original shit. Hip-Hop for the people!”


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14 Responses to “Apollo Brown & OC – Prove Me Wrong (Prod. by Apollo Brown) CDQ”

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    apollo brown is such a beast..I’ve been following his work since I heard “gas mask”..his album “the reset” is recommendable, but so is any of his releases.. dude’s real dope with the beats
    no need to talk about O.C., one of the most underrate emcees ever

  • Comment from dingles4breakfast

    Wow, this ish is soothing, the music lives!

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  • Comment from JohnDoeKU

    Tracks dope! Check this tune, same break!
    Lewis Parker and your boy Meyhem Lauren

  • Comment from d.fusion

    Madlib & Dudley Perkins – Falling

  • Comment from Sinosure

    Apollo Brown has such a beautiful style! The ni**a is straight DOPE! I love the way he samples things. Peeps have been sleepin on him! And as far as Ama Hussla’s comments, I COULDN’T AGREE MORE BRUH!

  • Comment from AP

    I can’t wait for the album, I’ve been waitin for a long time. And now we finally get a chance to hear something off the album.

    Apollo Brown is my favorite producer right now. I’ve been a fan since the Gas Mask album. Every single one of his albums are classics, The Rest, Brown Study, Gas Mask, Daily Bread, & I already know Trophies is going to be a classic too. People are saying that this album is going to be his album.

    I already pre-ordered the vinyl awhile ago.

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    my god, people are way too careless when it comes to using the term “classic”. this is what’s wrong today, any album your favorite rapper drops is a “classic”.. BFS, an album becomes classic with the times, when it still has replay values after 10+ years..

    you need to distinguish between “dope” and “classic”. like the albums AP (and myself) listed, they’re dope, but they are NOT classics, and you certainly cannot say that “trophies” gonna be classic either without even hearing it..

  • Comment from dave

    oc dope, beat average

  • Comment from Confidence

    there better be some rugged joints on this album too though. i don’t want to hear no sad shit depressing beat.

  • Comment from Minguellopez

    Wow, this ish is soothing, the music lives!

  • Comment from Samu-ry

    Shivery. Dope.

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    average, imitation boom bap.


  • Comment from Mississippi Fredd

    Apollo Brown’s production on this is rock solid and OC still drops Jewels. Head noddin’ material definitely!

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