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Big Shug & DJ Premier Planning To Release A Collective Album

Yes, Big Shug himself dropped the news in a recent interview done with claaa7:

c7: All the way from your earliest 12″s and up to all your retail albums, DJ Premier has played a pivotal role in crafting the sound. Do you think it would be accurate to describe Preemo as your main producer?

Shug: Well, not really because what it is is, we’re brothers and we’re the legacy of Gang Starr, so that’s why we make sure to have a few songs on every album. Always letting people know that we have a good sound and great chemistry. Also we’re gonna do a collective album just the two of us, so that’s another thing in the can.

We go back and we’re family, you know, but as far as doing records I get a lot of different people, and Premier produces for everyone; but if you listen to the songs that him and I make there’s a chemistry there and a certain type of sound, so he’s always gonna be there, you know we’re always gonna make stuff together.

c7: That’s interesting you mention a full project with Premier as that is definitely something people been fiending for. What are the plans for its recording and when should we be looking out for that?

Shug: We’ll start working on that very soon, we’re gonna go on the road right after my album comes out – probably me, DJ Premier and Bumpy Knuckles. But as soon as we come back, me and him are gonna start working on that album; that’s definietly something that we’ll do.

You can read the full interview here. Interesting!

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9 Responses to “Big Shug & DJ Premier Planning To Release A Collective Album”

  • Comment from Halkym

    i really only hear shug over primo beats… dat collabo would be great, salute From Mozambique

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    Jesus Christ…

    1. NYGz Album
    2. DJ Premier Vs Pete Rock
    3. KRS-1/DJ Premier
    4. Nas/Dj Premier


    5. Big Shug/ DJ Premier.

    I mean, I really don’t even care which one we get first… They all sound amazing. I just want to hear one of them before I die!!!!

  • Comment from Breeze

    Don’t forget the mostly produced by Preme Lady Of Rage album too.

  • Comment from rollo


    You gonna do a story on Lord FInesse suing that faggot Mack Miller?

  • Comment from Gold

    Yeah I agree all these collabo albums ain’t ever gonna see the light of day

    I’d like the Primo vs Chocoloate Boy Wonder album to drop 1st

  • Comment from polo

    Lets hope this don’t drop on year round because it will never get a release!!!

  • Comment from TheTruth

    Big Shug couldn’t spit a hot 16 even if his fuckin’ life depended on it. Dude is straight trash. DJ Premier needs to stop throwing away good beats on these mediocre rappers.

  • Comment from claaa7

    TheTruth: WOW, you’re straight bugging.. Big Shug is fucking sick on the mic, he sure as hell ain’t no Nas, Rakim or Ghostface Killah but that’s not what it’s about. he got a ILL voice, one of them rappers who you immediatly listen to as soon as his voice is heard.

    he’s got plenty of dope lyrical songs, and not from just a production perspective either.. he got a ill gutter street sound, and this is often the type of rappers that sound the best of Preem beats which explains why Shug and Preem has such an incredible chemistry together.. take Blaq Poet as well, he’s not the most lyrical cat but his authentic style and crazy hardcore lyrics more than make up for it as long as he’s getting rugged beats. when speaking on Shug, take a song like “We Miss You”, a superb heartfelt dedication to a fallen friend, you can hear how much soul and heart he put into that record, both from his raps and sung vocals. plus it’s a storytelling record at the same time. when i listen to Shug and Preem, i always get that Gang Starr feeling although his and GURU’s style were very different.

    i don’t think the Big Shug / Premier album is that far fetched. yeah, i know there’s been a lot of promised albums.. but MC Eith just said that they had moved his album YRR to the Works Of Mart label in conjuction iwth Eiths Blue Stamp Official. that’s pretty much how they released “The Kolexxxion” so this could very well happen. considering how Preem always has at least 3-4 beats on each album and Shug says here they will continue working together, i’m not holding my breath but it wouldn’t suprise me that much either. if all goes down, i bet we have an absolutely amazing LP.

    on the new album i’ve heard about half the album in good quality, and there’s only one song i really don’t like that much. rest is fire… pre-orered my copy a couple of days ago, and i really don’t buy CDs anymore (wax is king), but i want to support plus read the booklet.


  • Comment from Arti

    Damn !

    NYG’z/Premo album(Hustlas Union: Local NYG)
    Pete Rock v.s Premier album
    Nas/Premo album
    M.O.P./Premo album

    and now Big Shug/Premo album


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