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Rakim: The Definition of a Classic (Short Docu)


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3 Responses to “Rakim: The Definition of a Classic (Short Docu)”

  • Comment from mr_b

    it doesn’t seem like rakim has had the same chemistry (good or bad) with another producer since eric b.. he should take a cue from o.c. and apollo brown and team-up with one producer and share a vision much like he did with eric b.. thanks to reebok and complex for doing this. we know it’s not something either of them make money from.

  • Comment from Vandellish

    Agree with mr b,
    Seems like ALL artists who’ve ‘fallen off’ (for lack of a better phrase) it’s almost always because of their beats/production. From Rakim to all of the artists from TVone’s ‘Unsung’ series, it’s always the music that will eventually fall short of fans expectations. Most of these guys can always command a crowd but their selection of trax for their albums may not be up to par.
    Thanks for posting this Premo!

  • Comment from AP

    lol.. u do know that Rakim was the one who did a majority of the production on his earlier albums with Eric b. Eric B would hook up the beat as far as get the samples but he was the voice for rakim and played the “business” role while rakim wrote the rhymes and handled most of the production

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