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With The Game being the last beat of 2012 it’s again that time of the year my friends. We didn’t get NYGz, MC Eiht nor KRS-One, Pete Rock and Get Used To It DVD. But we did had a productive year. I wonder if I can out due last year vote succes. Be aware, judge strictly on the beats, not the rhymes. It’s the beat that matters in this poll… And I’m sorry, but I had to cut some tracks away because otherwise the list will be to big. Who will run away with the award?? This one could be hard to choose from!!

2011 winner: You by Evidence (22%)
2010 winner: Première Salve by Soulkast (20%)
2009 winner: Rap Addiction by Blaq Poet (17%)
2008 winner: Say Goodnight by Reks (30%)

In 2008 we had 359 votes, in 2009 we had 950 votes, in 2010 we had 3 118 votes, in 2011 we had 4,098 votes. LETS BEAT THAT RECORD MY FAMILY!! WHO WILL WIN THE AWARD??? VOTE VOTE VOTE!!

Thank you for your time and support over the years! -gim

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35 Responses to “”

  • Comment from FubiZz

    Shit’s easy and there shouldn’t be two opinions:

    1. Mind your business the best. The only -> 100% Premier <- banger this year.

    2. Heaven for Gangsta (by far) the worst (though results may place it in the midfield of the ranking due to Game fam)

  • Comment from gimantalon

    Wassuuuuup FubiZz!!! Glad to ‘hear’ you mate!

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    MAKE THE SOUND is definitely Premo’s best beat this year. It brings me back to the golden days

  • Comment from ib2quik2c

    Judging on the beat alone, “Make The Sound” by M*A*S*K should win this year.


  • Straight Up by ChrisCo is straight up a classic Primo Beat. That’s that Headnod Shit! ! !

  • Comment from yoyo

    Dude you forgot EyEnEvErPuTmY4cUsAwAy!

    It’s one of the best Premier-beats in years!

  • Comment from Breeze

    What happened to putting Slick Rick in the list? It didn’t make the cut last year as it was released to late. I don’t think it’s beat of the year but you said you would do that. Voted for Mind Your Business.

  • Comment from Al

    Where is Paula Perry “Extrat Extra” ? 😛

  • Comment from Sancho

    they might not be “bangeurz” but there are a lot of good classic premo tracks on the kolexxxion

  • Comment from mick

    terrible year for premier apart from mind your bizness. the vinnie paz track was not bad

  • Comment from Buck

    Shake The Room!!! Why its not on the list?

  • Comment from dredknight

    Straight up!!!! this is the real deal!!!

  • Comment from Hrdcore

    The best Premier beat imo this year was “EyEnEvErPuTmY4cUsAwAy” Bumpy Knuckles. Oh my God that track is straight gutter! but since it wasn’t on the list I voted for “Play Dirty” Fizzyology, Busta Rhymes. Great track.

  • Comment from Arti

    @Al: Paula Perry ”Extra,Extra” is from 1998 LOL !!!

    and btw I voted for MASK Make The Sound that beat bamgs hard son

  • Comment from Bizarre Hero

    For me it’s a close race between Make The Sound and Mind Your Business. Really great tracks both of em.

  • Comment from what what

    @Mashpotatoking – how i feel exactly. feels like i jumped in a time machine

    @yoyo – agreed, focus away is really nice. although greatness and the nas joint are also top cuts from the album

  • Comment from Chris Kingpin Finne

    No easy pick-is it? But the coka nostra joint is off da chain…got my vote

  • Comment from goldentrophy

    “Hard Body” by Shug and “Play Dirty” by Term and Fame were my two fav Primo beats for the year while the Nore tune I wasn’t feeling at all.

  • Comment from rollo

    who’s the realist? VINNIE!

  • Comment from LG ROC

    HARD BODY!!!!

  • Comment from Alisa

    It was a tough choice between “Mind Your Business” and “Turn Up The Mic”, as both were hot, but in the end I had to go with “Mind Your Business” as the top pick. I’m looking forward to more beats from Premier next year and especially him working with Nas 😀

  • Comment from DJ "suMo*

    Got’damn my joint Blue Collar all the way at the bottom SMMH shit knocks

  • Comment from mids45

    I’m with that ‘Shake the Room’ Bumpy beat, straight heavy beat as the real winner. But from this list, the remix of ‘Nas Turn up The Mic’, classic Preemo.

  • Comment from DJRekeR

    how do you know the horrible Game is the LAST beat of this year??? doesnt Primo toss you some suprises every now and again ??? its only Dec. 2nd……

  • Comment from hom hom

    1. Make The Sound
    2. Mind Your Business
    3. Hardbody

  • Comment from disappointed

    Won’t vote. The tracks he produced this year are all weak. I can’t believe this is the same Primo who produced so many classics. To say it in his words: That’s some faggot ass bitch shit that you are producing recently.

  • Comment from bwaaatch

    Went for Coka Nostra — that one seemed to carry some real menace. Not feeling ChrisCo at all. Surprised to see NORE so low, That beat felt good to me. A bit conservative, but a steady Primo banger.

    Any chance of running this poll for some previous years? The lists since 2008 make good reading, but I’d be interested to see what people think are the best beats from a classic year like ’95 or ’96, or from one of those early 2000s when the drum sounds change a little and just didn’t sound right (like those Limp BizKit remixes, the RIse n Shine joint and Gang Starr’s ‘Battle’. Anyone know what that was about?

    Anyway, here’s my list for 1997. Picked that one co’s it’s still a classic year, but no dedicated Gang Starr Foundation albums to clog up the options. Just looking as this list is ridiculous. What a year!

    1. New York (Ya’ Out There) — Rakim
    2. Me, Not The Paper (Remix) — Jeru the Damaja
    3. War Games — O.C.
    4. You Know My Steez — Gang Starr
    5. It’s Been A Long Time — Rakim
    6. Take Your Partner By The Hand (DJ Premier Remix) — Howie B
    7. M.U.G. (Money Under Ground) — O.C.
    8. Win The G — O.C.
    9. Music Evolution (DJ Premier Version) — Buckshot LeFonque
    10. Ten Crack Commandments — The Notorious B.I.G.
    11. Some Shit — The Lady of Rage
    12. Intro/A Million And One Questions/Rhyme No More — Jay-Z
    13. Kick In The Door — The Notorious B.I.G.
    14. Against The Grain — Sauce Money
    15. Gettin’ Closer To God — Krumb Snatcha
    16. The Enemy — D.I.T.C.
    17. Microphone Pon Cok — The Lady of Rage
    18. My World — O.C.
    19. So Wassup?! — Gang Starr
    20. Royalty — Gang Starr
    21. Friend Or Foe ’98 — Jay-Z
    22. The Untouchable — Zeebra
    23. Together Again (DJ Premier 100 In A 50 Remix) — Janet Jackson
    24. Together Again (DJ Premier Just Tha Bass) — anet Jackson
    25. Cop Hell — Mobb Deep

    They’s all good down as far as Janet. New stuff is always worth a listen, but Preem has quite a legacy to live up to!

  • Comment from Bizarre Hero

    By the way, did anyone listen to that “Pyrex”-joint on the new Sean Price album? Sounds sooo much like a Primo beat!!! And it would be a top three contender if it was… But it has been done by a producer called Amp. Any further infos about this guy?

    Listen to it here:

  • Comment from Breeze

    @bwaaatch What are the problems with the drums on those tracks? I can’t hear any problems with them.

  • Comment from bwaaatch


    I’m not saying the drums have problems exactly, just that the particular drum sound and patterns on some of the tracks from that era are not my favourite. The are a bit more sterile and abrasive than my preferred Preem style. The Afu-ra Big Acts, Little Acts remix has a different pattern, but again uses a similar cold, hard snare sound that I don’t like so much. Other ones are Set Me Free by Pushim, Clockwork by Dilated, Goldyn Chyld by Rass Kass. I prefer the longer snare sound and pitter patter hi hats of Nas is Like, War Games, Full Clip or Voodoo Child.

    Preem obviously goes through phases of using similar (or even identical) sets of sounds. Those sounds groupings create a series of eras within his body of work — and he constantly evolves them a little. Notice how in the past 6 or 7 years he’s made a lot of beats where the hi-hats drop out on a lot of the beats? On some, there’s hardly any hi-hats. That wouldn’t have happened back in 1994. Like a lot of people on this board, I think it’s great that he switches it up, but sometimes you want to hear something that reminds you of a past period. I think it’s the drum sounds that mainly define those eras.

    Everyone on this board has probably listened to more than a few hundred DJ Premier tracks. I think it’s natural to draw out the similarities and differences. Some tracks feel like they are part of the norms of that moment, others really standout as something unique (like You Know My Steez or Skillz).

    My musical knowledge and vocab is weak, but there are interesting themes going in throughout Preem’s work that I think merit further study . No doubt changes in technology, influences and commissioned work all play a part.


  • Comment from Mashpotatoking


    Nice analysis. I feel like we have the same thought processes when listenin to Premo’s work

  • Comment from Paulo Júnior

    Shake The Room by Bumpy???????????????????????????????????????

  • Comment from wared

    For me the key is the best beat by primo. I’m French i was at paris for the live with Bumpy Knuckles and I would be in live at strasbourg

  • Comment from download

    By the way, did anyone listen to that “Pyrex”
    I am

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