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Joey Bada$$ – Unorthodox (Prod. by DJ Premier) CDQ

First the radio rip and now the CDQ version of the latest Joey Bada$$ & DJ Premier collabo, enjoy the first DJ Premier beat of 2013:

Joey Bada$$ – Unorthodox (Prod. by DJ Premier)

Shout out to for the clean version, I’ll upload the dirty version as soon as I get it. We Premier fans need that RAW! 😀

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15 Responses to “Joey Bada$$ – Unorthodox (Prod. by DJ Premier) CDQ”

  • Comment from mick

    boring , how long did that premo to make? two minutes

  • Comment from Wicked

    The joint is pretty dope!!

    Here’s Joey BADA$$ on DJ Premier’s LIVE FROM HEADQCOURTERZ radio show 01/11/2013.

  • Comment from Hrdcore

    I prefer the clean version. Dig the Preemo sound effects.

  • Comment from whatevz

    yeh hip hop is dead

  • Comment from Who Shot John

    Not really feeling this one…. Still respect though.


  • Comment from rollo


    this type of shit worked when it was expensive to make beats…now everyone makes beats…most of them simplistic shit like this.

  • Comment from Paul

    Im a big Premier fan but i must say please premier go back in the lab and bring that jeru productions back

  • Comment from layo

    sounds like preem didnt give enough of a fuck about the beat, probably he didnt to, but when he does the outcome is something like “you”, “ten crack commandments”, “come clean”, “clockwork” or “above the clouds”

  • Comment from Wicked

    You fools are trippin. You can’t expect Premier to come with the illest beat every time… not to mention, he probably did this beat for FREE or for a really cheap price. Whatever the case, its still pretty dope regardless if its simple.

  • Comment from Rene

    I must say. This song sounds dissapointingly amateur. Expected more from one of the new bright lights of rap and the Legend. Forever my number one Hip Hop Producer Preem. But it really doesn’t sound like you spend as much time on your beats as you used to.

  • Comment from Rick Dolo

    I fell asleep halfway through! so I just can judge the first half of the song as boring…

    @wicked no, preem did not do this for free neither Santa makes gifts at Christmas

  • Comment from husoooooo

    two minuts maximum!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

    premo keeps his better work for better artist i guess

  • Comment from Doc Verbz

    You people have a very short attention span. This is great material. Joey spittin great messages! And Premier’s beats are perfect for emcees. He ain’t gotta overshadow the artist.

  • Comment from MESMERIZE PHILLY

    I agree with wicked i hear him from time to time call up I listen every friday sirius subscriber cats dont understand hip hop go back and listen to flash kane nice and smooth epmd no artist makes a classic every time around by the way post something better ill listen. quote dj premier from moment of truth ” yall niggas really dont know what this hip hop is all about! “Plus cats ain’t gettin money like that off deals anymore. tourin main money supply don’t like hip hip in 2013 stop listening

  • Comment from ink1

    DOPE. Just to here this young cat spit over a premo beat that was made for him, is classic nuff said.

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