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Papoose – Turn It Up (Prod. by DJ Premier) CDQ

New Papoose x DJ Premier from his upcoming new album:

Papoose – Turn It Up (Prod. by DJ Premier) CDQ

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13 Responses to “Papoose – Turn It Up (Prod. by DJ Premier) CDQ”

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    I like this beat because it’s simple, but still underground. The scratches are nice as well

  • Comment from Youknow

    The intro beat should been used on the whole track.

  • Comment from Al Jay

    This beat is fucking ill!!

  • Comment from royneil mccullen

    Actually expected the scratch portion to be more complex a Lil disappointed in the actual production but the way the track is formatted fits pap over all I like this track just though preem was going to bring that lava for pap

  • Comment from ink1

    this beat go.

  • Comment from rofl

    rofl beat is terrible

  • Comment from RBI

    the overall mixdown of the actual track is thin, and the drums are lightweight … the music is dope though… Papoose delivered on the rhyme tip … I just wish Preem would go holla @ Eddie Sancho or something for the mixdowns on his recent tracks …. he used to have some of the best ‘feel’ to his beats, now they seem like they’re missing something, like the essence is weak …

  • Comment from CoolVee

    Dope as usual Premo…

  • Comment from mr_b

    remember when premier’s beats didn’t use the same drums for every beat?

  • Comment from Deep

    Wow…I wasn’t really diggin this track at all. Hate to say this but this is not a great DJ Premier track. It is way too long and even the cuts didn’t really touch my heart like previous Preemo cuts. Papoose did his thing on the mic but overall, was pretty disappointed with the results. It’s still early in the year and yet I know, deep down, DJ Premier won’t let me down in 2013.

  • Comment from WSJ

    Love the energy in this track


  • Comment from The Chemist

    Man whats up with papoose with those struggle bars?

  • Comment from Jeff

    You dumb niggas even listen to the lyrics? Verse 2:

    When my oral deliver it’s such a moral dilemma
    I don’t quarrel with quitters, I give em sorrow and shimmers
    You think your artists is iller just cause his car from the dealer?
    This music genre is bitter, cause yall some horrible spitters
    When I swallow the liquor, I write a marvelous scripture
    Start drawing a picture cause I’m immortal my nigga

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